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  1. Sorry, but when you say 'yes' to the first question is that 'yes' the resistors are pre-wired or 'yes' you have to wire your own resistors in?
  2. As it looks like I'm not going to be able to get anyone to fit this kit, I opened the boxes and had a quick look at the instructions with a view to fitting it myself instead of simply throwing it away which seems to be the alternate option. At first glance I was petrified but having looked at the wiring diagrams and read through lots of posts on this website I'm beginning to understand how it all goes together. A couple of things are totally baffling me though and I can't find answers to them: 1). The AMDQ Plus detectors that the chap told me to get have a 'jumper' setting switch in them, is this just to tell the detector which resistors you are going to connect up or does the AMDQ Plus sensor have the resistors already pre-wired into them with the jumper being there so you can select which ones you want? 2). If you connect everything up, put the battery in the control panel and power it up how much programming is required and can it be done via the keypad?
  3. Last year we moved into a new house and a neighbour offered to install a Texecom burglar alarm for us. They gave us a kit list from Security Warehouse which we have bought comprising: 1x Texecom Premier Elite 24 Polymer control panel (CAA-0026) 1x Texecom Premier Elite LCDLP keypad (DBD-0168) 5x Texecom Prestige Elite AMQD Plus sensors (AFA-0001) 1x Texecom Premier Elite Odyssey 5 Backplate 1x Texecom Premier Elite Odyssey 5/5E white/blue cover 5x Texecom Tags / Fobs (PKK001) 1x Knight plastic D20 5 terminal surface contact 1x Enersys 12v 3.4 A/h Battery Since buying the kit (last August!) we've chased them to get it fitted to no avail and are giving up on them. Does anyone know a reputable domestic installer familiar with Texecom who covers the PR26 area of Lancashire?
  4. Thanks, tested them all and Fuse F3 (1A to protect the Speaker 13V supply) is blown. I'll get a replacement fuse tomorrow and test.
  5. I have an 8SP 400 Accenta mini G3 with remote LED key pad and 5No Texecom Veritas Reflex PIRs. I have just moved one of the PIR's but had to disconnect the 6-core cable from the PIR to pull it through the joists. Now I have connected it back up (correctly I assure you) none of the PIR's are registering anymore. I have both the engineers code and our set/reset code plus the manual but there is no obvious way of getting it to reset - is there a simple way I can reset it to get it working again? Any help would be appreciated.
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