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  1. Personally I think Texe would want to know about any "faults".


    Irellevant of our spending on said panels. However Matt our relationship with Texe is partly based on our loyalty to them as a panel supplier for a long long time. I am very sure they have valued our business over the years.


    Is there anyone on the planet that has had a long term business relationship with you?

    Or ever will have?

    where's gaz and norman etc... when u need them lol

    So why not send them a letter/email outlining the issues and your concerns.

    Perhaps that way you show your loyalty to them and are sure of a response.

    Far better than airing your gripe out to the t'interweb and trying to claim the moral high ground.

  2. datadiffusion I bet these guys havn't even filled out a risk assessment form never mind know what one is!

    filling out and leaving good documentation is paramount on any job that you carry out as this not only back up yourself but also helps the next guy that jumps onto the job!, in all it's doing the best job for the client as they have to pay extra for more time taken due to **** paper work been left!

    and if you don't fill out a risk assesment form before you carry out a job and you have an injury you may aswell not be insured for anything including public liability!

    Are you for real?

    As I said previously, what's with the lectures?

    So as your clearly the expert in these matters, perhaps you'd care to explain how your risk assessment would help the next guy.

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