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  1. Can anyone explain an error that has appeared a few times on my Honeywell Galaxy 2 system? When I tried to set the alarm, on leaving, an error appeared saying 'Kitchen 1004 Open'. This relates to a wireless PIR. On one occasion I waited for 5 minutes and the error had disappeared when I came to try setting the alarm again. On another occasion, I waited for 2 minutes for the wireless PIR to reset itself (battery saving feature) but when I tried to set the alarm again, I got the same error. However, I waited another 2 minutes, then walked into the kitchen - hence tripping the PIR, then when I c
  2. Many thanks for your prompt response GalaxyGuy - very helpful.
  3. Can anyone tell me how to register new wireless key fobs (TCC8M) to a Honeywell Galaxy 2 system please? Thanks in anticipation.
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