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  1. Best of luck. You couldn't have gone about it in a better way so hopefully things will be relatively smooth for you. Are you joining an inspectorate?
  2. I thought you said you slipped off the wall - now it makes sense
  3. My only comment on that is: what on earth are you doing on the internet at 5:53am??
  4. Also when life-critical ( ) items go faulty, such your TV, you are more inclined to pay for its repair than an alarm system that can save your life or your valuables. With alarms though, especially with contract customers, they always expect everything for free. How many calls have we had "I want to change alarm companies because my current co has charged me for a call-out". Don't even bother talking to them anymore - when they find out it will cost them more money to change companies they soon shut up. But everybody wants something for free and is prepared to for it. Hail Jeff's signature.
  5. Technically, yes you should charge. Whether you had a 2 minute journey or 45 stuck in traffic should be irrelevant. However, we all end up doing favours for people (big mistake) - so if it only took you a few minutes and you can't realy justify the charge to yourself, and if he was a bit dopey, then maybe don't charge - or charge a reduced rate. If you called someone out would they come out for free - I don't think so. So why do so many of us face this dilema? And he is not even a contract customer. Double
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