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  1. There's normally a power supply unit between the handset and the main panel, have you tried contacting BPT they will be able to tell you if you need any more parts. Kev
  2. Its been a while for me to but the going rate for an FP install, 10m point with 'them' supplying all the kit is £50 a point. I have worked for £40 a point but it was all in conduit or in a basket. If anything the rate has gone down due to a lot of the electrical contractors installing the cables themselves (yes we know what a dogs dinner they make of it), if you can get more then you have had a result. Good luck. Kev
  3. Sorry, I should have stated its going to be a Galaxy panel. I have used shunt units before but thought I might be able to get away with a boxed key switch. The doors will be armed 24/7, obviously giving a local alarm during when the building is occuopied and a full alarm when empty. So it looks like I will go with the shunt units. Thanks for your help. Kev
  4. Just after some advice, got a large intruder system to install in a school seven of the external doors are going to 24 hour but the caretaker wants a switch on the inside to shunt out the contact so he can put the rubbish out then come back in. My question is, can this just be a switch in a tamperproof box or has it got to be a shunt unit, if so any suggestions of which ones to use. Thanks Kev
  5. Here we go, my house was built in 1747 and ever since we moved in the odd things have happened like knocking at the door and no one being there, the oven turning itself up, tops unscrewing from bottles and once when my wife was in the garden she said it suddenly went all calm and silent and a bush started moving about is if there was a gale blowing. This is the main story, we decided to move our bedroom about, the bed was under the window so we turned it around so that we faced the window. That night I was shattered so we went to bed as normal in the middle of the night I remember my wife trying to wake me but I was tired I did not take any notice and forgot all about it until the next day when I was driving up to Norwich. I stopped and rang her up and said what was the pushing and shoving about last night, she said she woke up and by her side was a little old man with what looked like a tan linen suite on and a hat smiling at her, she put her head under the covers and then had another look and he was still there thats when she tried to wake me up. He disappeared as she was trying to wake me, needless to say we have now moved the bed and nothing has happened since. I was once working on building site in London its was a bank which was being converted into a trendy wine bar, it was a Saturday and I was on my own working in the basement and it just did not feel right it was as if someone was watching me. Later I found out that this site was No.1 Bell Yard which is where 'sweeney todd' had his barbers shop.
  6. Shoggy Did not scare me one bit, did you buy your house from 'BARRETT HOMES' they did have a reputation for falling to bits.
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