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  1. I find that hard to believe !
  2. check you have 12v at the keypad. I personally would recommend changing the panel and keypad, buy a 9651 it has lcd display and is easier to use and read.
  3. nice to see some intelligent answers
  4. classic sign of builder etc putting in a cable or cables during plastering or alterations , youd use them too !! ha ha
  5. anybody on here do any subby work ? I need some advice on day rates , could you PM me I just need a brief answer. ta
  6. easy way greg , get a glamourous assistant to stand at the keypad and enter your user code while you walk in front of PIR's , get said assistant to shout which LED lights up when you are in a room. bear in mind you may have to enter code before exit time expires and repeat process, or do 1 at a time . In future I would get the professionals in for servicing or faults, good luck.
  7. I have to program descriptions onto a zonemaster 600, after a task downloading the link from kentec onto windows 10 I have got loop explorer. Is it as easy as connecting to the pcb and clicking connect to panel on loop explorer ? Do I need to do anything with the panel ?
  8. do what most alarm engineers do , link it out - fault cleared !! no ladders needed
  9. anybody got any thoughts on wireless cctv cameras such as Arlo stuff ? or any recommendations for cameras to buy. I have only installed or worked on wired stuff as I would think this is more stable, not sure about battery operated cameras.
  10. Ah yes !! the customer that can find a camera on ebay !! been on many CCTV installs where the client has said he or she can get cameras for 20-30 pound ! with the internet as it is now and with end user able to buy cheap kits its becoming more regular. I have seen some right bodge jobs with people trying to put kit in. after the correct engineers have finished though there is no comparison , from bnc or rg45 plugs a proper job is a proper job.
  11. both if your been picky but found the others hard work, is that better
  12. Just find I-ON simple. After going to a site which needed an upgrade from a old wired system which also required more detection the hybrid I found was very good. It was an old cottage (large) which to get cables around would have been near impossible without looking horrific , adding the wirefree kit alongside the wired stuff really worked, had redcare on too which was always a worry with radio stuff. I suppose I have never worked much on others but I found the visonic stuff hard work although that was working on faults etc (I have never installed one from scratch). there was a pyronix type which I found tricky but got there in the end ! again not installed from scratch.
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