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  1. Yeah thanks, in the end I went back to hik support and they guided me through it. They also said that the majority of connections are not working right now! And also definitely will not work on a mac. So to anyone looking at this, I advise sticking to the traditional iVMS 4200 and just doing your port forwarding and DDNS/Static IP. I'm going to have to change the sodding router now to give stability... sheesh!
  2. I've got a DVR in a restaurant that has a flaky router which is causing remote connection issues. After a reboot of the router/DVR all seemed well for short time then it failed to connect. 1 firmware update later, all was well... for a bit! So being as client does not want the expense of changing the router I have plumbed for hik-connect to use p2p rather than DDNS settings in the router which is my preferred method (after static WAN IP). So I have the DVR registered and showing as online in the hik-connect online account, no problem with the mob
  3. After configuring many DVR/Router/Smartphone combos over the last year, there seems to be benefits and negatives to almost every setup. What is the best router you can buy in the UK to use for DVR access, with easy port forwarding & DDNS configuration for dyndns? Thanks all
  4. Morning all, after installing CCTV systems for a couple of years alongside my main installations I am getting more and more work for CCTV and I am looking for a friendly UK based tradesmans forum to exchange tips & look for help! Hoping to make a good few aqauintances! Regards, Steve.
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