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  1. Possibly, if I can get into engineer. I believe this panel's bigger brother can be accessed via a laptop but I'm told nobody in our co. has the software. I'll try Aritech tomorrow now that I found the new number. (They're now part of UTC).
  2. I was doing a maintenance on a CD95 when I found the memory card sitting on the battery. I fitted the card, formatted it and uploaded the panel data. When I came out of engineer, I couldn't get back in. I tried the default code but that didn't work either. The user codes where there but the descriptors have gone. The zones go into alarm so at least they haven't been spared out. I'm dreading having to default the panel. Will a downpower clear it or am I looking at a default?
  3. Olds, mate. That's a corker. I like what looks like the innards out of an old AFA bell behind the hurdy -gurdy. That's effectively the panel and PSU, isn't it? You could be known as The Curator. Of the museum, that is. Retro alarms. LOL I did a search on Google and read something about early signalling systems and how they predated and later gave rise to city-wide phone systems in the US. The first electric burglar alarm was used in 1858, apparently. Bit before my time.
  4. Right, here goes. One of oldest panels I worked on when I started with Moderns in 1986 was a Brocks Analyzer. It had EOL batteries in the form of flag cells with 6v lantern batts to power the panel. They sometimes had a reel to reel tape player attached, a 999 unit which had to be rewound by hand to reset. Until someone told me about a link between two terminals which would rewind it under it's own power. If the EOLs went down and you'd run out of flag cells, you could put a 6v on the end to get you out of trouble. For about 10 minutes when it would FA as you were driving away. The oldest had to be the S type 1. A keyswitch and toggle switch on a block with the panel containing batts mounted higher up the wall. Lacking a buzzer, this beauty would ring both internal and external bells on setting and unsetting. I'll bet the neighbours were impressed. I remember a 74 panel connected to a boxed turntable that had to be reset by pressing a button on the deck and cueing up the record. The start of my DJing career.
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