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  1. Possibly, if I can get into engineer. I believe this panel's bigger brother can be accessed via a laptop but I'm told nobody in our co. has the software. I'll try Aritech tomorrow now that I found the new number. (They're now part of UTC).
  2. I was doing a maintenance on a CD95 when I found the memory card sitting on the battery. I fitted the card, formatted it and uploaded the panel data. When I came out of engineer, I couldn't get back in. I tried the default code but that didn't work either. The user codes where there but the descriptors have gone. The zones go into alarm so at least they haven't been spared out. I'm dreading having to default the panel. Will a downpower clear it or am I looking at a default?
  3. You might of got lucky (?) with all invoices paid. In my experience if a business goes belly up you get nothing (or a small percentage of what you are owed). You're right but in my case the company were still trading and had the means to pay therefore it was worth going for it. Sean, if you live in or near London, I'd be happy to pass some work on that I can't do or need another pair of hands on. Perhaps via here, though. http://www.thesecurityinstaller.co.uk/comm...p?showforum=193 Regards, TB.
  4. Tough one Sean, I worked as a subby for eighteen months and took a hit off one of the big boys due to poor surveying and tech vetting of two 50ish zone intruder upgrades, both to PD662, one, an existing, the other, a third party takeover. From the off there were problems, unrealistic promises re downtime etc, wrong kit, not enough hours, poor maintenance all leading leading to remedial work caising an overrun for which we were blamed. We'd bailed them out before on a smaller scale and got paid the extra. This led us to believe that we could trust blokes we used to work with and we'd get paid ok. We pulled it out of the fire and kept the customer on our side. They refused to pay so I sued via Money Claim Cnline (MCOL) and got a CCJ against them. Bonus. I only wanted the money but they folded and paid all invoices with interest plus costs. I thought it would go to the wire. Lesson learned. Legal action should be a last resort but sometimes is the only way if all else fails. No use in Sean's case - this is why after trying letters etc. you may go legal but first you need to be certain they can pay if you win. You can check companies house I think commercial credit checks are available for those thinking of supplying to a company. I'v'e been back on the tools for two years now and just getting back in the black. More money, less hours and minimal sress. TB
  5. Pretty much as magpye said but with the camera view.
  6. Kirsty suggested a beam pair connected to an LED counter in view of a camera. Less accurate due to the layout but way cheaper to install and serviice.Sorry. Just got a wii.
  7. I thinkI have a plan. Nice lady called Kirsty at Norbain suggested a simpler and cheaper solution. Thanks for your input. TB
  8. It's not a petrol station; it's an indoor hand car wash so no EPOS. The lighting is good so headlights shouldn't be a problem except on the odd Volvo. He wants to log vehicles so he can match throughput with revenue. That's why I was interested in a 'bolt on' solution using the existing system albeit with the addition of one or two extra cameras specifically to capture plates.
  9. I considered that but a conventional counter - tripped pneumatically or by two IR beams - won't do the job due to the layout of the premises. Also, he wants the information to be available remotely so that he can access it from any PC as with the CCTV system, therefore the idea of ANPR came up.
  10. I'm not using anything at the moment. I have a customer who wants to count vehicles through his premises and was hoping to adapt his existing CCTV system to do this.
  11. Has anyone used ANPR via standard cameras? It seems to work ok with enough light and stationary or slow moving cars. I've seen it used at petrol stations but can't find much info on the web. Your thoughts would be appreciated. Regards, TB.
  12. Hi, Anyone had probs with digis on non-BT lines? Getting multiple signals at the ARC? In one case I had 6 PAs and 9 intruders instead of one apiece. The restores failed completely. Another job couldn't contact the receiver unless I dropped the 1280 prefix but didn't get through every time. When it didn't I could hear a recorded message to the effect that the call could not be connected or the phone may be off the hook and to try later. The first was a Scanny standalone and the second was a Euro Meridian. Both were on Tiscali and had filters fitted. Any thoughts?
  13. Hey, I never said it was interesting! I like living here although socially, it doesn't do it for me. I'm into my music; suppose you could call me a soulboy. Therefore I will travel for my tunes, sometimes 150 miles each way for a night out or if I'm playing some records. At least motorway access is good. (Or will be when the roadworks are done. although I wasn't aware they were running late. The last time I saw the info signs they said finishing the northbound section to J10/11 in late 2008). House prices here are a bit steep compared to 'up north'. Look to spend
  14. I've lived in Hemel for 26 years. I came down from Liverpool in 1981, where there was so little work at that time, most people thought a P45 was a gun. I can drive to London in half an hour and when the M1 roadworks are finished it should possible to get home in the same time. The train takes 35 minutes to get to Euston. Talking of Hex, I used to work for them. But I'm alright now.
  15. Should have read 'apparent integrity'.
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