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  1. dpaengineer

    Android App Program?

    All good if you have a INet signal whilst on-site. Assuming this is required on-site.
  2. dpaengineer

    Rcd Woes...

    Similar problems happen when the CU's fly leads that connect RCD's to their neutral bars are wrong way round. Reason nothing trips when nothing is turned on is.... RCD's monitor for differing currents on Line and Neutral. No current flowing = No difference in currents.
  3. Or.... The alarm and tamper loops are wired the wrong way in the pir and thus setting off on a tamper with you walkin front of it. Is it setting off all the time even when unset?
  4. Ordered myself some CK. They look decent. Had CK stuff before and find them good. for the help guys.
  5. As far as career goes, obviously depends what you want to go in to. I fitted alarms for 6 years then was made redundant 3 years ago. Now I make a good sparky. Most customers/client comment how good I am at running cable without excess damage. My alarm fitting experience make me a cut above alot of other tricians (who are good sparkies too by the way).
  6. guys, the answers I was looking for. Just looked at tait, they do the ck for a tad over 34 quid. not too bad, look decent too. see how gx fair up. Also tait have a kit. Looks like it is very versatile. What do you's think, worth it? Code : 636330
  7. Can anyone recommend an online place to get a decent quality set of BNC ratchet crimpers. I would like them to do a variety of sizes (So i only need to buy 1 pair ). Dont really want to be paying crazy money
  8. dpaengineer

    Fused Spur

    Fair comment mate. What would you do then if the customer has had a standard dual RCD board fitted that has no unprotected ways. RCD's cause no end of trouble. You could also the fact that the dead (or dying) alarm will alert someone of the defrosting fridge freezer, lol.
  9. dpaengineer

    Fused Spur

    'Plug in' lights.......... The key is in the sentance, they are 'plug in' hence on ring so wont trip lighting ciircuit. Personally I dont see a problem with spuring off lights so long as the circuit demand allows i.e. A circuit with 11 or 12 lights on it couldn't really cope with the demnad of an alarm. 4 or 5 and your fine. Also make sure the breaker is labelled at the CU as lighting AND ALARM. Obviously other methods are better but sometimes, just sometimes, there is no option.
  10. Drilling through the frame will make it prone to leaking. I really wouldn't advise it. What about drilling near the frame on the inside on an angle through to the outside wall. Should reduce the length a little.
  11. After having a think, I am possibly asking the wrong question here. So a new addition to it.... I (they) have a
  12. Alreet guys, not been around for a while. Hope everyone is doing well. Anybody know if these are any good.clicky And also has anyone delt with securitytec.co.uk before. Any opinions/issues. btw, these are for a domestic install, they want 2 decent cameras (had car burnt out 2 times) Thanks for any infos, all welcomed.
  13. Those connections look right to me mate. Bit dodgy giving 'bell silincing' info out on public forum, but what you say is 1 method. another requires a ladder and the 3rd i'm affraid I cant tell you.
  14. By joining the wires together for the pir you have joined the 2 power (12v) wires and blown an internal fuse. That's as far as I can go i'm afraid. System wont set as the pir's will show as open circuit with no power to them. Result: you need an engineer.
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