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  1. All good if you have a INet signal whilst on-site. Assuming this is required on-site.
  2. LMAO.... Some good ones here. I've seen a guy drill through a wall on landing to run an upstairs keypad wire up inside airing cupboard in bathroom and he drilled straight into the hot water tank. Boy did the water flow. Also, i had a sprog with me not so many moons ago and i told him to drill straight up through floorboards behind a bed so i could get a cable. He totally missed drilled from the spot i told him to drill and ended up getting the drill stuck in the bottom of a steel filing cabinet at the side of the bed. Both of us were tugging it (in reverse) for ages. Literally hanging from the roof. Luckily the customer never saw what went off and there has never been any come backs from the job
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