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  1. Retina display with cctv.. I have noticed that there aren't any (please point if there are) iPhone apps that are optimised for retina display. Same with iPad apps. Now we can get our hands on an iPad with retina display, this should surely be a great chance to show of some remote view with clear display. I've used the Adata app before, but its pretty dated now, are there any other apps looking good on retnia display??
  2. I been asked if a Paxton easy prox nano has a fire rating. They are fitted to fire doors on a b&b bedrooms, the doors are clearly fire doors, but guessing they need to know on the event of a fire are the latches rated to hold the door closed under temprature (to prevent the fire spreading) I asked Paxton this and the lady just looked at the spec and said 'it doesn't mention it so no I guess not'. Has anyone come across this before or know if the latch is ment to have a fire rating?
  3. The thing I like about the text is it will tell the customer exactly what detection device has activated so they can quickly check their CCTV system to see what's going on. Is there another form of signalling that would do such a precise alert for the price or a com2400 unit?
  4. Can anyone suggest a good wireless external perimeter protection system to use to link to a CCTV DVR. Something with outputs or a text message dialer would be good so the customer can receive a message when someone outside their premises. I was thinking of fitting a Texecom 48w. Takex external PIRs can be connected to the door contact inputs and a com2400 will send a text to the customer on activation. The panel outputs can be wired to the DVR to trigger alarm channels and PTZ activations. Any other cheaper ideas as this is a fairly pricy one?
  5. If it was working but has stopped, it could be the isp ip address has changed. Check for connectivity locally on the server, then try it using the ISP ip.
  6. SPS

    Which Drill To Buy

    The Dewalt range is great. I have the 28volt drills SDS and multi drill, but if I'm honest it's a bit too much. The 18volt version would have done every job I have used it for. They can take a lot of stick. I like the fact one battery fits most dewalt stuff. I have two drills, torch, angle grinder and circular saw with 4 batteries all the same. Am tempted with am impact wrench in the next few weeks. Only use the drills on install. An angle grinder isn't a lot of good for putting up panels
  7. I had a phone call from a client in Newcastle area looking to install an automated gate system (and new gate). Being in suffolk this job is a bit to far away for me.. Can someone recommend a good quality company that I can point him in the direction of. He has a fabricator on site that can do all the welding work if needed. Kev.
  8. SPS

    Bently Alpha 2/4

    It's been painted bright green!
  9. SPS

    Hello Everyone

    Woodbridge is a very posh area with some expensive housing prices.. Not many chavs Done some areas call chavs 'kevin'? Lol
  10. SPS

    Bently Alpha 2/4

    Some of you may have seen these panels before, but not looking like this one.

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  11. SPS

    Hello Everyone

    Sorry no webbed feet lol. But yeah a lot of chavs depending where abouts you are.
  12. SPS

    Hello Everyone

    I'd better add that my granddad started a security company (Majestic Security). His son took it on (my Uncle) and it was sold to Initial about 6 years ago, that's kinda how I got into the industry, working for my uncle. I left before it was sold (not knowing it was being sold) as working for family can be a real pain sometimes.
  13. Hello all! I'm Kevin from Woodbridge in Suffolk. I have been in the security industry for over 10 years now and decided to start my own security company last year. I've worked as an engineer for 3 different alarm companies and an electric gate company too. Achieved an NVQ level 3 in intruder/fire alarm at Walthamstowe college in London and thought it was about time I gave running a company a go. I've set up with a small office and got a van, and I'm going it alone for now. I've just had an SSAIB inspection and passed, so I'm heading in the right direction (I hope). My company is called Suffolk Prestige Security.. Any advice and help is welcome. Not sure if I'm aloud to post links to websites on here, I have one and if you want to see it I guess Google it. Well that's me! Look forward to hearing from you all.
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