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  1. Nothing hapens the led energises then dies bout a second Wen power applied to 12+ and 0v tamper closed siren energises red and green led turn on
  2. Looool yeh im startin to think so too your advice today but no luck it just starts up crazy im missing somthing
  3. Any one know what the 6 jumpers on a delta 5 do ?
  4. Mines a delta 5 should go with tex bells know them inside out just love my delta 5 lol
  5. Dat would be great lwillis then i could note it down
  6. Yeh the prems can switch from pos trig to neg ( sab/ scb mode) Ill try your sugestions and get back to you tomorrow hopefully it works
  7. Yeh if i can figure out the hold off and the sab im sorted got the tamper sorted byt im not sure if theres somthing wring with the sab do you know if this needs a pos trig or neg
  8. Yes i thought so to but the siren just starts up when power is applied to terminal 2&3 and the tamper switch is closed a red and green led energise when thamper switch is closed bit confused im used to adt bells
  9. 1. Siren hi-off 2. V+ 3. 0v 4. Siren 5 batt - 6. Batt + 7. Tamp 8. Tamp 9. St + 10. St-
  10. Reinstallin a delta 5 due to panel change any one know how to wire these into a texecom elite 48 This is a pic of the terminals
  11. It was but it was taken down and the idiot removed the jumpers so I can't work out which time is wich it has 5 and 10 mins but there must be a 15/20 min selection
  12. id hate to do that as its not that old under 12 months and as im in a adt area it stands out from the rest as u can emagine
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