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  1. Hi. Just was after an alarm installers in or around Wolverhampton? Need a service and maybe battery replacement on a ADT alarm? Thanks in advance.
  2. What is a 9651? Is it necessary to have the panel connected to your a phone line? Will the extra cost be worthwhile?
  3. Agreed it's fine for the money, but do you tend to get more false alarms, call outs and other problems more with the CP8? ie, there is a trade-off between spending a few more quid and having something that's not going to fall apart after the 1 year warramty period. Therefore, the question is how much more for the galaxay? I will find this out and let you know. Are all the kepads wireless or wired and does it matter? (i'm not one who goes for looks but i go for performance .........)
  4. Got another quote for a Eurosec panel alarm with 3 sensors 2 door trip switches and 2 alarm boxes (1 dummy) for £400 + vat. I have seen these same panels on other sites for £350 + vat for similar standard 3 bed installations. Is it ok to have the panel next to the mains fuse box, with the kepad by the front door? Is the kepad wireless or wired to the main panel? I don't know if the Eurocell is G2 ie. insurance approved. Should i ask for a Galaxay G2-20 instead for the same money?.
  5. i think ill do that. i have seen some alarm boxes in the local area. But as you know neighbor relations aren't what they used to be (hence the need for an alarm in the 1st place).
  6. I think i get the message on "like 4 like" comparisons. However, how is one suppose to judge quotes from companies who do not come recommended? Apart from Dave Partridge can anyone else give me a few companies to call in and around the Wolverhampton/Walsall area? I want to get one sorted quiet quickly now. Thanks Where about are u RJB? Is it Bristol area only? I don't fancy picking up the yellow pages and regretting it later.
  7. RJB you are correct it was for G2 system. I asked them again and they confirmed it. Waiting for another 2 quotes this week for the same panel. way i look at it, if i get all the quotes for the same like for like panel i can get get a more accurate comparison for the labour rate. They all should be in the same ball park, then it boils down to recomendations.
  8. Hi to all and thanks for the advice. I too prefer hard wired. The previous Galaxay was fitted by our friends ADT, but then i canceled the contract and kept the hardware. Having looked at ADT website, i cannot belive their introductory web price of a basic alarm. It seems to me that it is too good to be true and you know how the saying goes.... Anyhow i have had one quote so far for a Glaxay G2 hard wired, but they said we fit our own non-branded alarm. This rang "alarm" bells with me. However i am in the process of getting further quotes and will come back with the results... Thanks
  9. Hi I am going mad looking at all the diff home alarm systems. Can someone please help me in deciding whether to go for a remote or hard wired alarm system? I had a hard wired Galaxay before and never had any probs. How much should one be for a std terraced house with 2 door sensors and about 5 motion sensors? Anyone got Dave Partridge e mail from Walsall? ps i am in wolves area Thanks for the advise>>>>>>>
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