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  1. You can run it on a partitioned lappy with true dos but you'll still need a floppy to save your config - you can use a USB one by the eay.
  2. Think the bulbs are MES thread (or thereabouts) - you can get LED replacements for them but they probably work out around 10 years supply of the equivalent bulb!
  3. "......cables should preferably be red in colour for identification purposes" - preferred but not the only permitted colour.
  4. Straightforward panel to work on,if not a little dated now.
  5. If it's an FM200 system then they need to be "F Gas" certified.
  6. The girl in the bottom pic is in severe difficulties - she hasn't noticed the artic bearing down on her.
  7. What happens if it calls when you're not within 10 minutes away? The brigade are unlikely to respond. Just curious btw, I have a mate who has the same ethics up on his intruder only system and he's been called while in pub and had to phone round to get people!!
  8. Ah,but Adi was responding to another post.
  9. Versigo? Sort of like the Freemasons but with more than one goat.
  10. Hi Steve,as Rich said post the link on here and we'll delete 'em.
  11. Dunno about that,I have customers still feckin' dithering over their new fire alarm system 3 years now!!
  12. Not wanting to sound mardy but would it not have been better checking compatibility before fitting the Kentec non-addressable?
  13. Also known as ballixed!!
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