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    Accenta Fault

    Thanks for your thoughts. I borrowed a new Fluke from work today, and I now get 13.6 volts. Looks like I need a new meter. Does this sound high? I figure that you need this to charge the battery, but should the supplies for sensors & rkp be this high? Stuart
  2. Stue

    Accenta Fault

    Hi I have a Honeywell Accent G4 panel fitted on my house. The system developed a fault while I was away, the sounder apparently made some sound, but not a full alarm, and the strobe has been flashing since. The key tones on the extension speaker also became very loud. I cannot cancel the strobe, apart from that the panel seems to be working. The only fault that I can find is that the 12 volt supplies are all delivering about 16 volts. Is this too high? could this explian the symptoms? Stuart
  3. I think I am going to go for the R8, probably excell with LCD keypads. I an quuite happy with the Accenta which I have got, and was quite impressed (for the cost) with the quality of the metal cased unit, and the keypad is quite simply stylish, but the R8 still looks simpler to set. Does anyone have any comments about quality/reliability of either? Texecom seem to say that they do a steel clad version but I cannot find one listed online, any suggestions? Stuart
  4. I have contacted (email) Texecom a couple of times today to check a couple of details. I got replies in about 15 minutes. I was amazed. My cynical colegue said haven't they got anything to do! The even let me have the installers manual. Looking good.
  5. Thanks for all your suggestions. I am realy looking at a wired system, the house has had heating and wiring installed over the years so access for cabling is no great problem, and I prefer not to have to think about battery life. I would realy like something which can be set by keypad, a fob would be simple but I don't thing the old girl would always carry it. Women don't tend to use pockets like blokes do! I am looking deeper at the Texecom and Castle products at the moment but keep coming up against the engineer's manual availability problem. I know they have reasons for restricting access but it doesn't help me decide if their kit does what I want. Bye the way can anyone reccomend suppliers who will deal with Joe Public. Stuart
  6. I have just looked at a user manual for the R8 & it does look better. It says part set 1 can be selected without entering the set number, but suggests that you still have to enter a PIN first. I haven't found an engineer manual so I cannot dig deeper. Is this correct? My reading of the Galaxy Hot keys is that you press more than one at once, this could be suitable but I would prefer "one push". I know I am awkward! I have read some suggestions that programming the Galaxy is not realy DIY stuff. I have a some experiance of programming industrial control equipment but limited experiance of alarms. I find tecnology is similar but terminology develops in different directions. Can you comment?
  7. Wow fast replies! I had thought about a fob/reader but this seems another complication. I want to encourage my mother to use the system, if she has to carry a key when she is going to be I think it would discourage. Thanks for the thought
  8. I have fitted a Honeywell Accenta alarm panel in my home with no problems. I would now like to install a system in my elderly mother's house. I would like to arrange a simple way of setting a part/night mode, something like a single button on an upstairs keypad. I want to avoid the complication of entering a PIN then selecting the relevant program. I cannot find a way to do this with the honeywell panel ( I have looked at Galaxy also). Has anyone got any suggestions. Stuart
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