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  1. The password was with the supplier! They first said they couldn't help me then came back with try this password and it worked! I reminded them that they may want to pass on this password in the future when selling these units! Mind boggles
  2. I do like Hik, but this will probably be the last. Online the solution seems to be through the SADP software but again I cant enter the code supplied as mine is different.
  3. This has happened quite a few times straight out the box and the fix is online for most DVRs, but mine doesn't seem to have the double click function bottom left on login screen on mine.
  4. Haha never mind freezer its going in the fire soon! Yes my system, new DVR
  5. Hi, Yet again I have powered up a DVR and the thing is locked out, lost count how many times this has happened! Is there anyway to factory reset this? or is it the usual email Hikvision to unlock? Ive tried the online help which seems to work if you have the double click bottom left function on the login screen, mine just has forgot password.
  6. At the moment just one camera is connected to the nuuo via a d-link Poe switch for testing purposes, eventually around 40 cameras to be put on via Poe. No psu's.
  7. The cameras I'm having trouble with are ds-2cd2132f-l but looking at the compatibility list on the nuuo webpage they arnt listed. I have 2 different types of cams on the system which I will try tomorrow which are listed. I can login to the cameras via the laptop so the cameras work, when searching for them the ip shows up but when entering the camera it won't load the MAC address and just states as generic so I suspect these cameras may be incompatible. Brand new system
  8. Hi, Struggling to hikvision cameras to work through a nuuo nvr? Anyone had this issues with this combination? Can search and find all ip addresses of the hikvision but no pictures? Any ideas? Thanks
  9. Hi, Having a issue on a kantech system, the system is connected to the PC via a USB 485 module, about 20 meters to the first controller (kt100). The site will not connect to the controllers, no rx or tx. I have checked the ports match etc but not joy. I have changed over the usb485 for a new one. Could it be possible that the pc I'm using is some how blocking this connection? Thanks
  10. Managed to find the problem, one dome needed the termination settings changing and the other had the coax split into a monitor, removed the monitor and all good. Thanks for the help.
  11. Yes it's the first thing I did, it's a comms prob down the coax as when I change the address the dome boots, the picture clears but obv no telem as it needs to be set at 891 for up the coax
  12. Hi, I have 6 domes all running back to a Megapower LT, intellex dvr. The domes have replaced old and are telemtry run up the coax, dome end set to 891 and LT all set to UTC, all domes running fine apart from 2 that wont go through there boot phase and have slight interference pulsing top to bottom, seem to be linked in some way. Any ideas before I go routing through the rats best at the back of the dvr unit :-/
  13. No vcl option up coax Can you change the protocol at the dome head on a vcl?
  14. Yes ive spoken to bbv about this, just didnt want to have to get up to each dome. Thanks
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