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  1. Intruder Alarm Service \ Install Engineer Redruth £24k-£27k depending on experience Full time hours We are looking for an experienced full time intruder, CCTV, access control installation and service engineer for Fire Crest Fire Protection Ltd, Cornwall’s leading Fire & Security Protection business. This is an exciting opportunity to work in a unique and supportive environment. This role would suit a professional with experience of security systems with great interpersonal customer care skills and service experience. The main focus of the role will be the installation and maintenance of intruder, CCTV and access systems. As well as working alongside the established fire alarm installation team. Delivering a high level of customer service, and flexibility. The role will include being on standby on a rota basis. This is a key role and as such it is important that you will be comfortable being part of a team in a busy dynamic business whilst being flexible to respond quickly to changing needs and priorities. The successful candidate will be strong team player, with a positive and enthusiastic outlook. The role includes vehicle, mobile and team bonus. If you are interested in applying call [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED] explaining why you are interested in the position and what you believe that you could bring to it. *** OP - Please see our policy / rules on posting contact details in forums
  2. Hi all, Have a customer that would like to replace there two 16ch multiplexers and VCRs with a DVR. At the miniute the plexers and vcrs are in the store next to the office and the monitors and keypad to swicth cameras are in the office. So 32 cameras to record DVRS need to be networked (to each other) and remote kepad, whats your reccomondations DM's would be my first choice but that because thats all ive ever really used for this type job would like to know what ive been missing. Thank guys, Adam
  3. Speak to simon at https://www.dopads.com/main.html they do all my NCR pads, letterhead and stationary. Excellent quality and superfast delivery. Let them know i passed on his details.
  4. The hosting company is moving servers from london to manchester thats why the problems are arising. I use the same company to host my websites. HTH Gups
  5. Will do. Dont think i will look into it for a bit though as you said above its not really woth it unless its holding me back.
  6. Now a member of the FSB Next TBFC at some point this year.......
  7. thatnks mate. The info on the form is what i sort of picked up from the last company. I know these things have to be in place but not sure about the best way to do it. Anyone spotted a bit more in depth "iso for dummies type guide"
  8. Not something i am going to go for soon but. The last company which i was officially employed for was just starting to go for iso as I left to work for myself. Just wondering what simple things i could be doing now which would help me in the future. For example does all company litrature \ forms ect have to be nubered and logged for diffrent revisions. Does any have a rough idea what i could be doing now or is there anywhere on the net that has a rough guide to iso? Thanks guys,
  9. thanks mate will let you know as i will only need small qty's of equipment to start with. Forgot to phone them today, its so rude that these companies close at half five when im working away untill midnight
  10. Thanks mate will give them a call monday which part of the company do you buy them from there is three fire companies in the group.
  11. Sorry if wrong forum couldnt find a extinguisher section. just princing up how much it would cost to do courses and get the kit e.c.t to do extinguishers myself and stop subbing it out. One thing i cannot find anywhere is the little stickers that go on the gauge the ones that corrispond to the year. Bascially the tiny little sticker that says "09" to cover up the gauge test hole. Anyone know where the h*ll you buy them from. ,
  12. thanks guys, its only fire i would be intrested in. We dont really deal with intruder apart from very small domestic systems. Whats the TBFC like to join that would be my best option cant see me needing bafe or anything for a few years at least. Ive had a bit of a read on all the various websites but so much eaiser to ask people that have already been approved. I did think about FSB like i said at the moment its just a little something for reassurance for a few customers. Thanks,
  13. Hi, Anyone know what approvals there are for small businesses? Dont have alot of money in the budget for much but was thinking about something the goverment like trust mark or similar (they may be just as expensive though cant find prices). I personally have lots of experience in fire, lots of manufacture courses, all the bfpsa units ect ect My trading company however does not have iso or anything. Bafe SP201, ssiab and nsi seem quite pricy (the prices i can find on the net) and i think they all require iso. Please correct me if im wrong and they do do some sort of small business approval. Apoligies if i am wrong been to busy to have a proper look into it and the pricy and iso is stuck in my head someone must of mentioned it to me. The main reason is just something to have on the letterhead ect to show domestic, & small businesses i have gone through some sort of regristration and im not going to just run away with their money. Been alright upto now and have supplied plenty of refrences to anyone that does want some sort of proof just thought some sort of approval logo will be an extra help. Incase you need to know im a sole trader no staff just a couple of regular subbies. Many thanks guys,
  14. is it just for certs and contracts? Do you have a copy or the download link. I think something dedicated just for dealing with certs and contracts would be the best route/ Thanks,
  15. Tried that one thanks didnt do the trick any other ideas?? ,
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