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  1. Proper Preperation Prevents P*** Poor Performance

    Is it Potential ?

  2. The best thing that could of happened, They stopped making them!!
  3. thanx for the advice peter, they sound much the same as LJD then. Talking of Y3k, i bought a covert camera in pir once, no paperwork with it and it lasted about a week, Most jobs need reliablity so i think ill stick to norbain or Vcl then. chris
  4. Keep getting a catalougue through every few months from Planet CCTV also known as system Q i beleive. Full of cheap CCTV equipment, but is it worth a lookin? got a few DVR's inside a 4 way 80gb for £199 should imagine this is very mickey mouse and the compression rate ****! has anyone bought any equipment from this company? feed back would be much appreciaited? chris ISC Systems Ltd
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