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  1. I worked for an alarm company who finally ended up being one of the biggest names in alarm kit manufacture in the world based in Manchester............ I would regularly turn up to jobs where the mains was wire in 8 core. Usually it was stapled around the gripper rod back to the panel and in one instance around a playroom going a good 20mts back to the panel. Nice one T
  2. 18 The Ridings Brixworth Northampton NN6 9EX Tel: 01604 882456 0800 259 1327 www.brixsecure.co.uk info@brixsecure.co.uk
  3. At Lander Alarms in Cambridge we had a trainee storeman whom i asked to get me in some copper pins for a CC Wire door panel. He asked, how many do you need? I said about 500 would keep me going for a good while. Anyhow I had a call a few days later, the panel pins were in. He directed me to a loaded pallet on the floor and said there you go. He had only ordered 500 Kilograms of copper panel pins! There was probably about 2 million pins in that lot, poor ol Eddy. I nearly wet myself with laughter apparently the delivery lorry had to be a special with a fork lift truck on the back.
  4. Many years ago during my Modern Alarms days there was a service engineer who forgot to apply his brakes whilst entering a service station on the A45, he hit the petrol pump, his car caught fire so did the pump and so did the entire petrol station. I once raced a contractor back to the Luton office from Bedford down the A6, testing my Modern Alarms Fiesta against a Peugot GTI. When we made it back to Luton he said.... //.B.W.F.//, I forgot to clamp my stepladders on.. they were just wedged between the ladders and the edge of the roof rack.
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