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  1. These guys do the odd bit of Crow stuff. not much on the website as they are primarily CCTV http://baekenterprise.com/accessories/crow-merlin-pro-wireless-receiver-interface-167.html
  2. Remember that guy on here 'Fastalarms' who was forever promoting and defending yale systems. Have a look at his website now lol. www.fastalarms.co.uk
  3. Board is there 2 hardwired inputs and 3 fully programmable outputs available (two are labelled bell and strobe)
  4. It wont inform you of a fire though. Because it will be the cause of the fire.
  5. Try this crowd http://www.cytech.biz/ I know nothing about them, just heard of them in the past. Think you can interface with z-wave and c-bus etc. Don't know if their gear is compliant or not though and couldn't be arsed trawling their website to find out either
  6. Castle panels use Vodaphone tap but it is very unreliable and overloaded as it is the only tap service left. Castle are bringing out their own tap service and any panels connecting to the CHC will update to the new number.
  7. £75 plus vat for an additional sounder is very reasonable, you wouldn't save much doing it yourself anyway.
  8. Does that kit not use mesh technology ? See you have it up on ebay already http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Wireless-Safe-Guard-Burglar-alarm-system-with-auto-dial-function-/400336983742?pt=UK_Burglar_Alarms&hash=item5d35f196be
  9. Installed one of those once for someone who had bought it online and pleaded with me to do the job. Charged him plenty and vowed never to touch one again. It was ripped out about 9 months later and i installed a wired system for him.
  10. Yeagh, had the same problems with bells, pir's etc and moved to Castle /Pyronix. Dont do any intruder now, sold it all off, someone else can worry about all that wireless now.
  11. Disarm, Not ready to Arm, Check system for trouble......
  12. NSI or SSAIB sites will help you, they will list approved installers in your area. Pick 3 local to you and get quotes from each.
  13. Castle Euro Mini would be my choice and they are a doddle to program.
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