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  1. I moved house earlier in the year and inherited a Eurosec CP8L, however no codes. I've downloaded the installation and user manuals and factory reset the unit so I can now get into the installer options. I've worked through all the options and set up the zones as I want them etc. and everything is working as I expect. I have a few questions however that aren't completely clear from the manual and hope somebody can help. Exit Modes I've set appropriate times and set this to Time for both Full and Part - what's the behaviour if I select T/EE, ET or E/E? Entry 1 Time and Entry 2 Time These are set to 30 and 10 by default which match the Full Exit and Part Exit times however it's not clear what Entry 1 and 2 refer to? Tamper Ring This is set to Off by default - does this mean the alarm won't go off in the event of a tamper being triggered? It strikes me as odd that would be off by default?
  2. I need someone to take a look lol. I was gonna contact the company that installed it in the hope they would be familiar with the system, however it is date stamped 11 years ago so they probably don't remember it anyway. How much do you charge? Feel free to PM me if you don't want to reveal that on here
  3. I've already tried resetting the alarm but to no avail As soon as I press ANY button it just starts beeping constantly, and then doesn't seem to register that you've pressed buttons afterwards
  4. All the wiring is back as it was. The alarm isn't operating though. It doesn't even set off the tamper alarm if things are tampered with, it's as if it has switched off all monitoring. And yes, I have a test meter
  5. Everything is back as it was, still the same problem
  6. I have recently disconnected and reconnected a couple of sensors due to decorating and have since been unable to set my alarm. As soon as I start to enter the code the control panel starts beeping, and will continue beeping until I press # and wait a few seconds. I'm guessing this has locked me out due to something I've done wrong... can anyone tell me why or how I can resolve this?
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