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  1. Hi All, Thanks for the replies so far. The application is for simply detecting movement in a room/area. I don't require any time adjustment. All I need it to do is to have a signal (NC/NO) on detection of said movement. I will have an external control system in place to handle everything else after the event.
  2. Seems a bit dead in here but I'll give this a shot. I'm looking for a small in-ceiling (not ceiling mounted) movement sensor. I don't want one that operates off high voltage e.g. ones that operate lights. Ideally it would be an alarm type sensor but as long as it operates off 12V and can trigger an output (dry contact) then I'm happy. I've been looking quite hard for some and almost any that come are either massive, ugly or cost an absolute bomb. Does anyone have any ideas? It doesn't have to be super fancy, I just want it to be able to detect basic movement. Some examples I've found are: CP Electronics (~£65) Danlers (~£50) BEG Luxomat (~£65) I've yet to come across any alarm company inceiling sensors - they all seem to be surface mounted but they are all considerably cheaper (e.g. Texecom AM360 QD ~£30). Is there any reason for this? Many thanks in advance.
  3. Back from the dead! I've finally managed to get teh cameras changed over. They are still from LJD, but I still don't know if they are the right ones. The only feature these new cameras have are that they are quite a lot bigger than the previous ones and also they allow for varifocal, whereas the previous ones were fixed. I managed to obtain the specification booklet inside with the camera, but it still sheds no clue on what the camera specification is exactly. There are no model numbers on the camera itself apart from LJD-005 or seomthing like that (I can't quite remember). I have uploaded a picture of the specifications: After everything was done, to be honest, I can't tell much if any difference at all to the images that I previously got with the cheaper cameras. The supplier insists that these are the right ones, 520/540 TVLines, 1/3" CCD. I'm uncertain, but have no way of proving it, short of hiring out an independent expert.
  4. I wasn't ever insinuating that it's LJD's fault at all. I was a little bit more dismayed by the fact that LJD were so uncooperative when all I wanted was to get some facts straight. (If they can disclose whether or not there's a printing error with the specifications as claimed)
  5. Ok, I've just had some news back from my installers and the gist of it is this: They basically supply two different cameras, both have 1/3" CCD, one is 420TVL and the other is 520TVL. They reckon that 95% of their customers have 420TVL as they are cheaper and people cannot detect the difference in image quality. They now admit that they have installed the wrong cameras for me, but have charged me a price (I haven't paid yet) for 520TVL cameras. They are offering to do one of two things, adjust the quote price or reinstall all correct cameras. The price differential isn't that much that they are offering to adjust in my opinion. I am considering getting them to switch all cameras as I can't say that I'm hugely impressed with the image quality that I have at the moment. Anyone else think that this is the right way to go? Once this mess is all sorted out, I'll let people know who these people are.
  6. I think that the cameras are from LJD too as that's where the DVR is from (there's a big LJD sticker on it). Are you saying that in either case it's 540TV lines? Which surpasses the 520TV lines that I was quoted for? I don't think that the cameras are varifocal. I would say that the images aren't actually that clear to be honest. I have seen better. The issue isn't the cabling as I did had that done independently with very high quality RG59 coax. Edit: and now I have just been denied in my quest to find out what cameras I have. LJD point balnk refuse to help me out over this matter since I am not in the CCTV trade. I don't know if anyone here in the trade can be so kind to help me get the correct specs of this camera? Another thing that has come to my attention is this: Basically the job was supposed to be completed before today (12th May), however they didn't read the email I sent them that stated this and they booked in the job for 13th May and so I actually just accepted this. However, they gave me a call later on that day (Thursday 8th May) to say that they were in the wrong and so would rush someone out to get the job done. However, they didn't have enough cameras in stock and so would be delivering the cameras directly to my premises and the installer would do the install. I have been looking on the LJD website and I have noticed that on their armour dome camera section, the camera 'Armour Dome 520 TVL IR LED VariFocal Dual Ring' (Model: LJDEYE-101VFHBL) which seems to match what's on my spec sheet I was given, is listed as out of stock and was listed as out of stock on the the 8th May too. This does make me feel a little bit uneasy as I have my suspicions that they couldn't get that camera in on time (thier fault already) and decided to go with this other model and hoping that I wouldn't notice. I have yet to hear back from the company that have done the install.
  7. I have actually just finished writing an email to them asking them to provide proof that it's a printing error and for the proper specifications of the cameras that I have been supplied. The next step is to contact the supplier of cameras and ask them directly for the specifications. Finally, if push comes to shove I'll try hiring out an independent CCTV professional who knows his stuff... I'm willing to stand my ground and will name and shame depending on treatment or I will congratulate and recommend if everything gets resolved amicably. Anyone able to recommend someone who would be able to tell me precisely what I got based in the south? Edit: Oh yes, in answer to the question as to what made me choose them. It was a combination of things, firstly they boast a very large list of clients on their website. They sent someone round for a no obligation quote who seemed to know what he was talking about, they followed up with a quote in email like I asked them to (I did have several others in and you'd be surprised at how many didn't bother to follow up after an initial site consultation) and their prices were competitive. (Now I may just be about to find out why! )
  8. On their website, it links to the 'CCTV code of practice' is that the same thing? How do I know they're an approved installer? How do I contact the inspectorate?
  9. Well, that's what I said to him. I have a written quotation (email) with spec sheets of the cameras that I was supposed to be getting. It states quite clearly 1/3" CCD, 520TVL. I asked, he said he's had arguments with his suppliers many times about this, it's a printing error and that was that. I can't say that I'm too pleased with the install to be honest, but I wanted some kind of tangible proof that a camera is a certain type. I haven't paid yet actually, so I guess that's one thing in my favour at the minute. Although the guys who came round to install said that they'd send an invoice, "Don't worry, the boss knows where you live..." Sounds ominous if you ask me...
  10. Yep. The question is how do I prove that I've got 420TV lines when I was quoted a price for 520 TV Lines? I'm also a little bit worried because on the box it says, "cutting cable voids warranty" and they were snipping cables off like nobody's business.
  11. Hi there, I've just had an install done and I was quoted for 1/3" CCD / 520TV Lines on each camera. However, I've had a look at the spec sheets and it states 1/4" CCD and 420TV Lines. Model number: B-CIR-BA43P. I spoke to the installer and he reckons it's a printing error and I've got what they've quoted. However, I'm not so sure. I don't want to be ripped off so I want to check. So how do you check how many TV lines a camera outputs? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks edit: Oh I just remembered another thing. He said that the DVR was capable of 4CIF instead of just CIF. how can I check this out? The model of the DVR is an Apollo, on the big box, the part number is: 1216042021021200. Or amybe the 4CIF thing is just cobblers?
  12. Thank you so far for the replies. Unfortunately, I'm not in the 'trade' so to speak so I'm having a lot of difficulties locating DVR's (well, at least 'good' ones that everyone on here recommends). If anyone can get me in touch with someone who wants to purchase a single DVR unit, it would be great. I can't really seem to find much about them. Do you have a direct link to any spcific models, etc.? Are made by Silverline? I did find a data sheet for model DVR916 (if that rings a bell) - but it really was very sparse and tellss me nothing about it thats very useful.
  13. I'm planning on doing an install that will involve 11 CCTV cameras with one external camera. (12 cameras in total). There are a few things that are absolutely neccessary: - The system must be remotely viewable - I would prefer that no specific client software is needed. The best solution would be just being able to access Internet Explorer from the client and that would be it. (I don't even like activeX, but it may be a neccessary evil). I am undecided whether to go with a dedicated DVR with analogue cameras or to implement it as a PC system with IP cameras. The main thing is that cameras require power and dealing with that just seems so troublesome. Therefore I am considering going the power over ethernet (POE) route. I think that I can just about be bothered to get one cable acress to the camera Going this way I think that I am limited to IP cameras only and then it would make sense to use a PC as the DVR. The other thing weighing on my mind is that analogue cameras are cheaper and a dedicated DVR is more simple to deal with. It's just the power cables to deal with. The system is just at the planning stage - however, there will definetely be a PC at the site (with LAN) no matter the CCTV system I decide, which makes me consider the first option. I am fairly new to the CCTV game, so I would appreciate any opinions. Also, especially with dedicated DVRs, any recommendations as to which models would suit my needs would be greatly appreciated. My budget must absolutely not exceed
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