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  1. chemical

    Remote Monitoring

    I have to agree. We have used Adpro for 15 years+ and would recommend it every time for remote CCTV monitoring.
  2. chemical

    Shii - The Wii For Women

    I bet you looked over your shoulder before posting
  3. chemical

    Galaxy 2-20

    Thanks, I knew somebody would have
  4. chemical

    Galaxy 2-20

    Has anybody got an electronic copy of the Honeywell Galaxy 2-20 User Guide. Honeywells web site seems to be lacking it?
  5. chemical

    Replacing Defunct System

    Lol, the RS100 had 'some' logic to its programming. But the RS50 with its silly tones to tell which bit you was programming was mad
  6. chemical


    Its nice to see someone looking for quality rather than cost. Something which our industry seems to be driven by
  7. chemical

    Galaxy Dimension Internal Serial Port

    We have done alot of work with the RS 232 port on the Galaxy Panel. The spec and the protocol for RS 232 port is strictly controlled by Honeywell using non discloser agreements. Unless there is any benefit to Honeywell, your wasting your time trying to get it. There is only a small number of companies who have been given the protocols and thats usually due to there clients having several hundred Galaxies installed. As previously said, your better using Honeywells own software to monitor/control the Galaxy.
  8. chemical

    Lehman Bank

    Sacked Lehman Bank employees staged a protest by blockading the entrance to the Bank's Headquarters...
  9. chemical

    Laptop Battery

    *Cough* Terrorist Bomber *Cough*
  10. chemical

    Ip Based Signalling

    From an ARC point of view, I would recommend Emizon everytime for IP signalling. But as previous posts have mentioned, its each to their own. ...and just because someone has had a bad experience with Emizon, doesn't mean its not worth looking at.
  11. chemical

    Telewest/virgin Users

    I wouldn't bother with the 20Mb. I was paying
  12. chemical

    Iiiiiiiiits Gary Critter

    Wrong but very funny
  13. chemical

    Volumetric Alarm Systems

    Thanks Alan, been looking for a pet immune detector for a customer who has a large dog. I didn't think they made them.
  14. chemical

    Need Help To Protect Car

    If your name suggests the type of car your trying to protect, then you are going to need more than CCTV. I did an install some months ago were the theives broke in / removed a patio just to get the keys to a VXR Astra. ...and BTW, they was in bed! Good Luck m8
  15. chemical

    Did You Know?


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