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  1. I too had a go with the push notifications but didn't receive anything. Must admit it was a rushed attempt but I'm sure everything was configured correctly. That was on a 520 v6.78.
  2. morgan306

    Signalling Question

    On an PD6662/EN50131 system, if the system is activated followed by a tamper, would it send an intruder, followed by confirmed, or intruder then tamper? I think confirmed, but I'd like to be sure as I have a grading exam tomorrow. !
  3. morgan306

    Signalling Question

    Say pins on a Galaxy for arguements sake.
  4. morgan306

    Galaxy 520 Line Failcom 1

    If you're back feeding 12v from smart RIO's to the panel, then that is another issue you need to resolve! Also, double check line fail is disabled, menu 56/1/10. Check line volts,incoming call etc are all disabled, then go into perameters 51, and do a restart.
  5. morgan306

    Advice On Burglar Alarm Please

    Paul, get the Galaxy G2 and Galaxy Guy's SelfMon app. If you can't stretch to getting a professional in to install, then get your sparky friend to do it. Just ensure that he runs alarm cables separate to mains, sites detectors in sensible places(not looking out of windows, above radiators etc). I personally wouldn't site the panel above the entry door, as I think they should be in a discrete location, but it's up to you. Don't forget to run a cat5 cable from your router to the panel too, for the Ethernet module.
  6. Hello chaps,I've taken out one of these little units from a site,and would like to get it going. Unfortunately I haven't got the IP addy that the unit was assigned before I removed it. I've got the manual from Dallmeier,but does anyone know of a program that would be able to find out the units current IP? I've tried removing the button cell battery on the pcb to revert it to default but no luck.
  7. morgan306

    Dallmeier Dis-2M Streamer Pro

    No I haven't Kevin,I'll give it a google now and have a go. Thank you for your reply.
  8. In the past I have used a Galaxy and used single button setting. I.e; A=Full Set, B= Part Set. Then just use the fob for disarming.
  9. morgan306

    White Noise / Disorientating Siren

    Smokecloak can supply a whote noise siren that looks identical to that.
  10. morgan306

    Hello All.

    Welcome little bro!
  11. morgan306

    Help With Cd7203 Panel

    Masking the lid is usually just used for engineers to exit the engineer mode and do tests in the customer mode. Not advisable to leave it that way forever! If de-pressing the spring didn't work, the fault must be either the bell return,or the auxillary loop. Try fitting a 4k7 resistor between the bell - and return (remove any wires in there at the moment) and see if that clears it. If so,theres a problem with the bell tamper/cable etc. Also try fitting a link wire between the aux tamper terminals,to create a short. If you have a multimeter it will make life a lot easier ofcourse... Measure resistance between Bell - and the return wire-it should be around 4k7 ohms. Also measure resistance between whatever is wired into your aux tamper terminals(if anything),that should be a dead short. I'm glad I can help...
  12. morgan306

    Help With Cd7203 Panel

    Depending on how the panel is programmed decides whether PA is still active in engineer mode or not Arf. Aritech CDs will always come out of engineer mode, but ring the internals if there is a fault(mucho annoying!) The number after 'Call Alarm Co' is irrelevant, so ignore it dm7ljm1. If panel tamper is still showing in show open zones,and thats the only tamper left, I wouldn't give up! Panel tamper is a number of things- Obviously check the panel lid first because those springs are so dam unreliable(perhaps press the spring down with your finger and get the wife to look at 'show open zones' and see if it clears). If it isn't the panel lid, it could either be the bell tamper return, or the auxillary tamper loop on the panel(sometimes used for power supply tampers,sounders etc).It's a process of illimination,but your nearly there! Turning off engineer reset like you have done is ok,but you will still need to clear the 'Call Alarm Co' message by performing the reset I explained in my previous post.
  13. morgan306

    Help With Cd7203 Panel

    I can't see any problem with the advice I have given?
  14. morgan306

    Help With Cd7203 Panel

    Having an outstanding tamper will not bring up the 'engineer here' message. Check that you haven't changed the address accidently on one of your keypads when you took them off the wall. The only time I have ever known that to be displayed is when engineer mode is being accessed on a different keypad. Check your keypads, one should have all dip switches off, and the other should have dip switch one on. If that fails,try warm starting the panel (mains off,disconnect battery,then power up again) *Make sure your memory link is on before you downpower the panel!* Once your in engineer mode, check open zones in the Maintenance menu like antinode says,if all circuits are ok i.e; no 'T' next to them press 'X' until 'goodbye' is displayed. Then press '745', reset area 1 or something similar should be displayed. Then keep pressing 'X' until 'goodbye' is displayed and press tick. All being well the system should return to the unset state. Call alarm Co:08 is the remote reset code Arf.
  15. morgan306

    Help With Cd7203 Panel

    When the 'Engineer Here' message is displayed, it indicates that engineer mode is being accessed on another keypad. How many keypads do you have on your system?
  16. morgan306

    Nokia N95 Add-ons

    Has anybody found any cool add-ons for their N95's? If so, what?
  17. morgan306

    Panel Location?

    Pantry. So long as the area in which the panel is sited is protected then it's fine.
  18. morgan306

    Large Home Install

    I'd have to disagree and say that the Galaxy is very easy straight-forward to program.Obviously more complex things like custom zones etc arn't so easy,but for what you need it would work a treat. If you get stuck there is plenty of Galaxy literate folk on here to help you. Might be an idea to apply for trade status though.
  19. As far as I can see, the relay is purely for the tamper circuit. According to the diagram, you need an external 12v power supply (with battery back-up). Connect: + from the PSU to +Hold off on the bell, - from the PSU to -Hold off on the bell, the N/O terminal on the Panel output 1 to the bell trigger terminal on the bell, the N/O terminal on the Panel output 2 to the strobe trigger terminal on the bell, Connect a - from your PSU to both the C terminals (Outputs 1 & 2). At this point, after you have programmed the outputs,the bell and strobe should function correctly. Then you can worry about the relay. Using the 12v car relay will be fine, just use a multimeter to find out which pins are for the coil etc.
  20. morgan306

    Visonic Powermax+

    Chances are, the siren did activate but stopped as it should after 15-20 minutes,and then re-armed the system. You mentioned yours neighbours are old, so it is a possibility that they didn't hear it? Just my 2p's worth.
  21. morgan306

    All Pir's Led's Permanently On

    As Chris says, some PIRs leds stay lit when the supply to them is low. They may still function normally though. What was the voltage at the detector?
  22. morgan306

    Cable Tacker

    Not really a gadget as such, but I was wondering which staple gun/cable tacker you recommend. I don't use them often, but they are ideal when fixing cables under carpets etc. Any suggestions, or links?
  23. morgan306

    50131 Grade 4

    Maia, I believe where previous posters are refering to 'ATS' they mean Alarm Transmission System, not the GE panel. Also, the Elmdene Delta 6 HS bell is a grade 4 item.
  24. morgan306

    Door Entry

    The big red key symbol would suggest PAC to me also.
  25. morgan306

    Internet Since Sunday

    I also had problems with Orange this week,could sometimes get on msn, but webpages wouldn't load. Seems to be sorted now though. I am not with Orange through choice though. Had BT for 2 years in the past and never a problem.

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