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  1. Anyone any good recommendations as to were to pick up decent HDMI leads to use on installs, also any decent small monitors, I have looked a using a cheap tablet as a monitor for the customer anyone any opinions on this that might help? Thanks
  2. Basically yes, or any other way of getting two NVRs onto one monitor, switching.
  3. I have two 4 way NVRs one is a IP cam system & one is a Analogue system, the units both have HDMI output and I want this to switch between the quad display on both NVRs on the one monitor.
  4. Hi AllI have two Hikvision NVRs each has a HDMi & Lan output and I wish to view both NVrs on one HDTV, however I want it to auto switch between the two sources.any ideas?
  5. Hi all My mother does not want wires inside house for a CCTV system she can view downstairs so I was looking at running in via loft and using dual port powerline adaptors to connect the two IP cameras into, then I would connect the other powerline into the router downstairs and buy her a tablet and run viewing off the App.dual port. Recording would be via onboard camera storage Would this setup work and what Powerline adapters, cameras and tablet would anyone recommend? Thanks for looking
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