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  1. Best dual tec pet tolerant pir

    Thanks for the responses. I will have a good think about this and what I am going to do, For the time being its time to toughen up and put the dog in a room whenever we go out, its not cruel and I'm sure it will get used to it. I can't afford to keep compromising part of my home security for this mutt. thanks for the suggestions.
  2. Best dual tec pet tolerant pir

    I take it from that statement pyronix pet pirs are *****? What would you recommend? thanks.
  3. Best dual tec pet tolerant pir

    thanks for that, do you happen to have the exact name for this device? One more thing from your experience, will the blue line pet pir (45lbs) completely ignore the dog regardless if it jumps on the couch or will it likely still trip it? ta
  4. Best dual tec pet tolerant pir

    Beg your pardon al yeti, misread your last post, Is the pyronix wireless add on thing something which I can connect to my 9600 which enables me to add wireless devices such as shock sensors ect? thanks
  5. Best dual tec pet tolerant pir

    al yeti, I have no intention on replacing a fully working system,however If it ever does die i will take your suggestion, but for the moment my question is will the blue line completely ignore the dog regardless if it jumps on the couch? I believe its says it on its spec will ignore any animal below 40lbs. its just a small dog we are talking about here and weighs a stone (14lbs) at best. thanks
  6. Best dual tec pet tolerant pir

    Hi, ideally yes I should probably scrap the panel but it still works and its not broken so why replace it? The issue is we now have a dog and it gets irritating having to mess around with the keypad switching off certain zones before setting the system. Before I would just enter the pin select group A then leave, happy days, but now I have to mess around with the omit setting. I will give the bosch blue line a go but will it ignore the dog jumping on the couch thats the question? if not I guess I will just have to lock it in a room upstairs regardless what the missus say.Wiring shock sensors is not an option I'm afraid even if I wanted to (tiled floor, finished walls ect, it will be messy) thanks for the help.
  7. Best dual tec pet tolerant pir

    Hi guys I hope you are all well. I was wondering what the best dual tec pet tolerant pir is? I have a scantronic 9600 with 3 door contacts and 4 pirs (aritech ev125p) you may be familiar with them, they have proved to be very reliable over the years rarely ever had a false alarm if any. Until! we get a dog, well a chorkie, its kind of a mix between a yorkie and chihuahua, non the less an annoying hyper ankle biter. The issue is whenever someone passes the house or rings the doorbell while we are away the dog would jump on the couch near the window and go mental this triggers the lounge pir and sets off the alarm, It has got the the point where I have to omit the lounge and upstairs hall pir. This gets pretty irritating after a while, I would like the whole house to be armed and not parts of it. So what I am after is a very reliable pet tolerant pir, dual tec preferably. I have had a look at the risco i wise and bosch blueline, I read that they will ignore any animal up to 40lbs but does that mean they will still ignore the dog even when it jumps on the couch? what are your experiences? Do you know of any better pet pirs? If it were up to me i would just lock it in a room but the missus like to give it the freedom to roam around the house Any help would be appreciated, thanks
  8. Bellbox piezo drive circuit

    Thanks :), don't worry I have no intention poking around inside the components. I had a pretty nasty belt from a strobe once some years ago,NOT NICE! I put it down to inexperience, luckily the bellbox wasn't too high up.
  9. Bellbox piezo drive circuit

    Hi all, I have a question for you experts, something I have been wondering for a while,What voltages do the piezo's run at in the bellboxes? and are they a shock hazard? On many bellboxes I fit I notice the piezo's are connected to a small transformer on the pcb, (at least I think its a transformer it certainly looks like one). When the sounder is operated I notice the voltage pen lights up red around the cables to the piezo's. I know the xenon strobe circuit is definitely a shock hazard (High voltage strobe capacitor and trigger transformer). Do the piezo's run at high voltage when sounding and are they shock hazard? Just curious, thanks
  10. Is the Novagard4Q sounder still available

    I came across a scantronic 9600 recently which had an old Aritech AS256 indoor siren and Elmdene prima 300. The Aritech siren was wired to 9600 speaker terminals (which were marked "Siren". The aritech siren was just a simple 4 wire internal siren, 2 for tamper and 2 for power,It had a driver board and a big single piezo which looked like the tophat style piezo's, What a volume it had probably the loudest internal sounder I've come across but unfortunately they are long obsolete same with the scantronic 9600 great system. The elmdene primas were also very good sounders but also obsolete sadly, I liked the fast blinking red/green leds on them. I have a second hand prima 200 somewhere in the shed which still works but unlike the 300 it has no cut off timer so cannot install :(.
  11. Which 16 alarm ohm speaker is the best?

    Looks pretty good, are they loud like the standard elmdene 16 ohm speakers?
  12. Which 16 alarm ohm speaker is the best?

    Hi all, has anyone had the chance to try one of those new flushmount elmdene speakers? If so are they any good?
  13. Which 16 alarm ohm speaker is the best?

    Those new elmdene flushmount speakers look very good I will try one out, lets just hope its got the volume if so happy days
  14. Is the Novagard4Q sounder still available

    Thanks guys, I will give them call and find out. I fit bells only systems so if I'm going to use a sounder I would like to try make sure that I am fitting the best possible, best as in volume,high visibility strobe and comfort leds and reliability. I used to use texecom but stopped using them due to their piezo's failing, then I moved onto the klaxon flashguards xl and xtras,which I use most of the time. I did fit the occasional novagard 2 but its been a long time since I used one so I can't quite remember how loud they were. Sorry for the life story I'm getting carried away lol. thanks.
  15. Is the Novagard4Q sounder still available

    bump please