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  1. Bellbox piezo drive circuit

    Thanks :), don't worry I have no intention poking around inside the components. I had a pretty nasty belt from a strobe once some years ago,NOT NICE! I put it down to inexperience, luckily the bellbox wasn't too high up.
  2. Bellbox piezo drive circuit

    Hi all, I have a question for you experts, something I have been wondering for a while,What voltages do the piezo's run at in the bellboxes? and are they a shock hazard? On many bellboxes I fit I notice the piezo's are connected to a small transformer on the pcb, (at least I think its a transformer it certainly looks like one). When the sounder is operated I notice the voltage pen lights up red around the cables to the piezo's. I know the xenon strobe circuit is definitely a shock hazard (High voltage strobe capacitor and trigger transformer). Do the piezo's run at high voltage when sounding and are they shock hazard? Just curious, thanks
  3. Is the Novagard4Q sounder still available

    I came across a scantronic 9600 recently which had an old Aritech AS256 indoor siren and Elmdene prima 300. The Aritech siren was wired to 9600 speaker terminals (which were marked "Siren". The aritech siren was just a simple 4 wire internal siren, 2 for tamper and 2 for power,It had a driver board and a big single piezo which looked like the tophat style piezo's, What a volume it had probably the loudest internal sounder I've come across but unfortunately they are long obsolete same with the scantronic 9600 great system. The elmdene primas were also very good sounders but also obsolete sadly, I liked the fast blinking red/green leds on them. I have a second hand prima 200 somewhere in the shed which still works but unlike the 300 it has no cut off timer so cannot install :(.
  4. Which 16 alarm ohm speaker is the best?

    Looks pretty good, are they loud like the standard elmdene 16 ohm speakers?
  5. Which 16 alarm ohm speaker is the best?

    Hi all, has anyone had the chance to try one of those new flushmount elmdene speakers? If so are they any good?
  6. Which 16 alarm ohm speaker is the best?

    Those new elmdene flushmount speakers look very good I will try one out, lets just hope its got the volume if so happy days
  7. Is the Novagard4Q sounder still available

    Thanks guys, I will give them call and find out. I fit bells only systems so if I'm going to use a sounder I would like to try make sure that I am fitting the best possible, best as in volume,high visibility strobe and comfort leds and reliability. I used to use texecom but stopped using them due to their piezo's failing, then I moved onto the klaxon flashguards xl and xtras,which I use most of the time. I did fit the occasional novagard 2 but its been a long time since I used one so I can't quite remember how loud they were. Sorry for the life story I'm getting carried away lol. thanks.
  8. Is the Novagard4Q sounder still available

    bump please
  9. Hi all I heard about this sounder and have seen it has been mentioned a few times on this forum. Its apparently the dogs bollox (besides the masterblaster). I believe this novagard4Q is a self contained siren with an on board 12v battery and has 4 piezo's and sounds at 123db! This sounder sounds perfect for any location. Can you still buy this sounder? if so where? thanks. I have seen the novagard 4 but I don't think its quite the same. any help would be appreciated.
  10. Scantronic 9600

    lol yeah,no thanks but thanks anyway. The scantronic 9600 is just for my house only, it was already there when we moved in, I defaulted it and kept it maintained it all these years.I am a scantronic fan myself and usually fit 9651's and 9751's with risco pirs and either a flashguard xl or the novagard 2 for the bellbox. I wonder how old the scantronic 9600/9800 will be now? out of curiousity.
  11. Scantronic 9600

    Thank you, I am sorry if I offended you that was not my intention. I will run the second bellbox as an scb just to avoid any risks. I would imagine one slightly quieter sounder is much better than no alarm due to a tripped poly. In which case the total load in alarm will now be 840mA, does that sound more reasonable to you? thanks
  12. Scantronic 9600

    Lol very funny, but can we get serious now please, I appreciate that you shouldn't load a panel up to its max rating and expect it to work fine. But this panel is rated to 1250mA the maximum current I will draw from it will be 1049mA in an alarm condition(if new souder is set to sab) so I would not be overloading the panel and I would have 201mA left to spare on the system, I appreciate that you shouldn't overload the bell output either that is why I would like to know it rating, I would of thought as you guys had experience of these systems you may know? In reality would this system cope with 1049mA in an alarm condition?. Could there be another way to drive this bell in sab? Perhaps draw its power from the aux supply outputs and use a small relay triggered by bell trigger so it will not load its output?. I would really like to avoid an additional power supply. Thanks
  13. Scantronic 9600

    I told you the battery in the panel is a 7ah, you obviously didn't read my post properly, I gave you the whole spec for this panel. Never mind I will just run the second bell as an SCB just to keep the load to a minimum, 840mA sounds more reasonable. I would imagine the 40C 800mA ambient temparature part is redundant seeing as I do not live in spain and as panel is not mounted in the airing cupboard. One more come to think of it, is sab worth the extra fuss over an additional power supply? is scb still loud enough to scare someone off?.
  14. Scantronic 9600

    Hi I will do my best to make it clearer as this is a very old system. Here is the specifications from the 9600 installation manual. Warning this might be long. Power Supply A. The total current available from the control panel is as follows System output current (Ambient temperature 20 degrees C) = 1250 mA System output current (Ambient temperature 40 degrees C) = 800 mA B. Alarm demand current To calculate the required current in an alarm condition. add all the current consumption of all detectors, sounders, strobes, communicators and any other devices wired to the system. This will provide the total alarm demand current. Subtract the alarm demand from the power supply output current. Any extra current requirement will be supplied by the battery in an alarm condition. Note that if the obattery is not capable of supplying the extra current it will be necessary to increase the size of the battery. The power supply will recharge a 6ah battery within the time specified in the British Standards for Intruder alarms. C Outputs The programmable outputs 1 and 2 are rated at up to 1 amp surge output. However, it is recommended that the continuous current drawn from these outputs does not exceed 500ma. Note these 2 programmable outputs are switched positive outputs,positive applied or positive removed, they are not a true 0v potential. So there you have it this is a clear as I can make it. There is no mention of what the bell and strobe are rated at. My standby current currently is 240mA and the full alarm current is 729mA. The battery in the panel is 7ah it is the biggest that will fit in the case. Flashguard bellbox in sab mode is 320mA total and in scb mode it is 110mA. When I fit this additional bellbox the total current for the system in full alarm will be 1049mA if the new bell is to sab, or 839mA total on scb. What I would like to know is will the bell/strobe output take this current or will it likely trip the poly when it alarms?. Thanks
  15. Scantronic 9600

    Its a 7ah battery.