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  1. The things you see...

  2. Galaxy G2-44

  3. Romec Bell

    A great company that is sadly on the way out
  4. Hi All

    Thanks for the welcome guys
  5. Hello To You All!

    I also worked at Thorn, the G type some one mentioned also had a variant made by SPD (special projects division) which was installed in banks, It had the analog meter with the addition with a time lock to lock out the vault
  6. Hi All

    Just signed up. My back ground started as an electrician, as soon as my time was out I started with AFA Minerva on fire, went to intruder then the high security division. Many moons later i went self employed and blagged a 3 year jaunt all over east and western europe installing CCTV and access control. These days I still install and service but the bread and butter is earned by working on the high voltage distribution network in central London. Laters