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help!!!how do wire my pir's???

Guest ziph

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Hi all...I am in desparate need of help...

I am a newbie as far as alarm installation goes, but know electronics(I am a computer tech by trade)...

Anyway...I have recently purchased a caddx networx nx-4 alarm second hand, and have figured out all the wiring except for the pir's...

The installation manual has been no help at all....

the things I need to understand are....

1. there are 6 terminals on the pir....yet I can only figure out where 2 of them go(ie. the zone wires). Where do I wire the +/- 12v to. and, and where do I wire the tamper terminals to???

2. what exactly do the 2 sets of jumpers on the pir do.One is marked LED, so assume that enables disables the red led, but the other is marked pulse and has numbers 1,2,3,4 above the pins. This one I have no idea about...

Any help with this would be most appreciated...


James Sanders

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Hi James,

+ goes to AUX+, - goes to AUX-, tamper goes to global tamper but these should be wired in series to the PIR's to make a big loop.

As for the pulse count leave it at default as this is usually correct for most DIY installations.


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thanks dale...

I assume aux- would also be common???

also I dont think this board has a global tamper...

the connections on the board are...

17 ac

16 ac

15 earth

14 auxout 1

13 siren

12 com

11 smoke+

10 auxout 2


9 data }

8 com }code pad

7 pos }


6 4 }

5 com }

4 3 }

3 2 } zones

2 com }

1 1 }


the wiring diagram calls for a 3.3k resistor for end of line...

If its any help I can scan the wiring diagram and post it


James Sanders

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If anyone is interested I have a wiring diagram from rokonet detailing the wiring for these pir's..

Much easier than I thought :P

But then isn't that always the way.......

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by the way, what exactly do the pulse settings do on a pir???

I assume that they adjust the sensitivity or something similar, thus reducing false alarms, but which is most/ least sensitive???

at the moment I have them on 2....

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thanks for clearing that up Pete...thats pretty much what I thought.....

I must say....you have been a wealth of knowledge for me with this alarm.....especially as you have never seen the model before.......

cheers again mate


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Hi all...I need of help...TSI

I am a new to security alarm industry

I have recently purchased Hills reliance networx nx-4 alarm kits, and have found out few the wiring techniques except for the PIR’s

1. there are 7 terminals (connection pin )on the pir.... two of them +/- 12v, (Negative to AUXOUT 1 OR 2, positive to positive), two of them NC alarm, two of them tamper last one is SP.

My question is where NC alarm & tamper should be connected?

help would be most appreciated...


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I am a new to security alarm industry


When you say new, as in you are an engineer?

As an aside, read the rules before posting. Contact details in posts are not allowed.

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