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  1. The LACORS Guidance document http://www.lacors.gov.uk/lacors/upload/19175.pdf tells you that you should not have a smoke detector inside the hallway of the flat that is linked to the main alarm system. It should be a Heat Detector, which shouldn't be set off by the late night toast maker. You need to install a mixed system, a grade A LD2 and a grade D LD3 This would require a mains powered smoke detector also in the hallway inside the flats, that would be exlusive to that individual flat. The theory being that if toast is burnt, only the people in that flat will hear the "false alarm" LONG LIVE RAFIKI !!!!!!!!!!
  2. It does have a euoropanel sticker on the front and does have conventional heads on addressable bases. Who can I speak to regarding this system? thanks
  3. Thanks for the input I can't find any info on the net re a Gent System 800 panel, is it no longer available? if so what can I replace it with, without changing the other sytem componants? some clown has just ripped this one off the wall and made a nice mess of the PCB
  4. Model number required It's an addressable system I think it's possibly Gents The guy who ran PSA saddly passed away Thanks for any help
  5. In the last 5 yearsd I've put about 85 of these systems in, at say 25 detectors a time, thats well over 2000, and probabley had about 15 detectors go faulty, plus I've replaced maybe 20 or so smoke chambers. Coventional smoke detectors need cleaning and also go faulty from time to time, and they don't neccesarally indicate to you that there is a problem, until they go into false alarm. I think it's the old Marmite situation, love them or hate them, I love them
  6. A few suggestions 1, Change the settings to another type of detection, 2, Swap the detector with one from another zone 3, (this is a common one for reasons that cannot be explained) check to see if the end of line detector is flashing every 5 seconds, if not, get a detector from another zone and swap it over, make sure that the dil settings are set up for end of line. I have had lots of end of line detectors pack up on me
  7. When is it ok to use those perspex flip up covers on maual call points, a customer who's got a hotel has seen them and wants them on all 15 call points in his building.
  8. I am waiting at the moment to see what Sensotec are going to do regarding nearly 20 detectors that have been returned to them (via my wholesailer). They are faulty and are all less than 2 years old, and they have said that they are out of waranty. However,,,,,,,,,, Rafiki say that they offer a 2 year waranty on detectors?????. It's been over 4 weeks since I last heard anything, must give them a ring this week.
  9. sounds like an insurance claim to me, unless you now a good man with a soldering iron and an osciloscope
  10. When you said you moved the end of line unit from zone 4 to zone 3, was that with the circuit cables removed, with the end of line unit connected direct into the panel?
  11. I take it that you have checked all of the panel fuses
  12. I have installed 60 of these systems in the last 3 years. I can't see the logic in installing seperate sounder circuits anymore. Unfortunatley you have to read the instructions the first time you install one, simply because the principal is different to what we have used for the last 30 years. The addressable systems are very competetively priced, progarmmable by a laptop, with free software including a diagnostics programme. Rafiki support is excellent if you need it. I wouldn't recommend them to any of my competetors
  13. No definatly not SWA, it's more like a tv coax, but with 2 one mm cores, the system is not addessable.
  14. Hi I have just been to attend to a fire alarm system that hasn't been operational for 2 or 3 years, since the present occupiers took over. On inspection, the mains fuse was removed and the batteries disconnected. The make of the panel in Manerva. There are 12 Thorn smoke detectors. Inside the panel there are 2 4core and 1 2 core micc cables taped up, not connected. Also there are 2 other cables that are flexible, they look like they have a black outer sheeth, with an inner heavy layer of metal screening, with 2 conductors. When I got up to have a look at the detectors, they were wired in this flexible cable. (I haven't a clue where the pyros go) Anybody had experience with this system, or this type of cable? The owner doesn't want anything further to do with menvier, so we are looking at the possibility of swaping all the componants, while using the existing cableing, that was untill this unusual cable came to light. It doesn't look like a fire proof cable, but maybe it is?????
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