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  1. Sounds like a big place that system is protecting, if its got hundreds of detectors to check. Seriously, your worried about your job - but your forgetting the fact are messing with stuff you dont fully understand, that is there to protect not just property, but life also. Death by fire can be a horrific way to go, unless your lucky and fumes get you first. But it wont be you dying, it will be the poor people who are in the building at the time, so its not your problem is it, and your jobs safe if it all works out. Hey, if it doesnt, it wasnt you that burnt to death, and maybe you figure you wont get put in jail for screwing up the system if you manage to do that accidently. Maybe the laws where you are working are lax, so you can safely put lives at risk without risk of worrying about jail. Sometimes, keeping a job is not worth the risk to others lives, sadly many dont think like that, and that leads to many, many deaths around the world.
  2. The Neovo's are built like a tank, picked one up new on ebay. Nice monitor, if a little reflective with the pure glass front, and it gets dirty easy, but well built none the less. Handy bnc input as well as the usual dvi etc.
  3. Yup, best keep the machine dedicated - I have a pc (in a rackmount case, in a server cabinet) that is dedicated purely to cctv, all non-essential services etc disabled, well cooled, and loaded with drives (and serial ports to connect to other stuff like a switch, alarm, cameras etc). Also keep a fastar dvr in the rack, both the pc and the fastar have had faults, on the pc, the power supply went bang (easily replaced, and rare event, only happened once to me since I have been using PC's but seen it happen a couple of times, once when a psu was megga tested, other time when a sales girl thought she could save the company electricity by switching the 110/220v selector on the back to 110 so it used less power) and a drive failed in the fastar. Power the whole lot through a couple of UPS's - which reminds me I still need to get either a battery or a UPS on the router, as that is a weak point.. As well as turning off xp services that are not needed, and not installing any other software that is not needed, automatic windows update's etc are disabled, as microsoft have a habit of deciding to install a update and restart machines at frequent intervals, not great if your pc updates and reboots just when it should be capturing someone breaking in or whatever. Have tried some cheap dvr cards, like the ebay pico specials, not recommended
  4. You could look at snt duo products, they can power two cameras (2 12v outputs, 1amp each) and allow for two cameras, all down one ct100 coax cable up to 750 meters, longer with ct125 cable. Never tried it at that lenght, but the product works well at the short lenghts I used it for, if the specs are accurate, it may do the trick as it would give you room for a second camera also down that one cable. Otherwise, go with baluns as suggested, and if not possible to power locally at all, then good luck on the power side..
  5. Parallel? Isnt the 232 mod a RS232 (serial) port module... So no need to convert to serial. Or do you have some different type of board? The dip switches, 1 is On=Printer, Off= RS232 2 is Stop Bits, On=2, Off=1 3 is Data Bits, On=7, Off=8 4 is Parity, On=Odd, off=Even 5 is Parity, On=Use it, Off=None, Dont use parity 6 onwards are baud rates. 1200 is Off, On,Off 2400 is Off, On, On 9600 is On, Off, On 19200 is On, On, Off 38400, On,On,On Serial lead, on the module, 2 is tx, 3 is rx, 4 cts, 5 rts, 7 gnd. Look up the standard serial connectors on google for your pc and ensure that between your module and your pc CTS needs to go to RTS RTS to CTS TX to RX RX to TX Gnd to Gnd
  6. If you have to ask, your probably not the person to be doing it. Fire kills. xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  7. 1, Why galaxy? 2. If it has to be, is it for personal, non life protecting, or business, or what? 3. Buy direct from honeywell if you want ultimate protection. 4. Buy from ebay if you want ultiimate cheapness. 5. Buy from fella in pub who stole alarm system cos its c##p if you want ultra cheap. 6. Ask yourself number one again.
  8. Seriously if you have to ask that question in the first place you should not be even considering going any further. Unless you want to kill people, because you are incompetant, and you know you are, if you had a ounce of decency you would have refused to even consider a job outside of your experience.
  9. If I knew a better manu (my fault, I have not enough money to test more) I would say dump honeywell and go elsewehere. Saying that, its probably not the alarms fault, Im just being honest, and telling you how I see things... Are all your required ports forwarded in your firewall/router etc? If you are saying eh, then get someone in..... If they are, are any restrictions in place in your workplace?
  10. It is indicative of how shocking the attitude of the manu's is though when they dont even publish full fuse data. What happened to full schematics? these days, throw away....
  11. Nowt wrong with asking about a/c d/c I bet many people these days would be clueless. heard one 17 year old recently who did not know what a fortnight was.... he thought is was two or three days.. Dumbing down, thats what the government wanted (off the record) thats what they got.. Win for them, lose for us.
  12. ~I am rarely positive, but how often do you hear of a fire at a fire station?
  13. There is probably a reason honeywell wont talk to the public, they know they would end up being tied up in knots,or in court. I have done support, I know the stuff that goes on, not all people who do support are idiots, but many are....
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