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  1. I have been doing some electrical work for an elderly lady around the corner. She has the above alarm which was fitted some18 months ago and she has never used it as the company who fitted it didn't explain things and have vanished. She asked me to have a look for her and explain how it works. It looks all fine and installed very well. I proceeded to explain to her how to use it and armed the system using a prox tab. It armed fine and we left through the Exit / Entry route. But when we opened the front door, the alarm went straight into alarm with no Entry time. I have had a look through menus, been in to engineers settings to confirm that zone was an entry exit, but didn't want to alter any settings. I know one of you on here will know this instantly, if I did it every day then I would have more knowledge, but I don't even fit alarms. Thanks in anticipation Dave
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