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  1. I've installed a Premier Elite 64W LS
  2. I have used both engineer code and the user codes both don't work
  3. Hi James the remote key pad won't let me go into any settings or diagnostics it continually flashes "call the engineer for service" and fault tamper 001 - 008 I've powered it down for today and going to take another look in morning, can't find anywhere in the instructions about clearing messages lee
  4. Hi James they're wired as EOL only two PIR on existing wiring, I'm expanding the system with three wireless capture PIR I bought with panel other two wired zones are magnetic door contacts lee
  5. I decided to upgrade my old Veritas alarm I installed several years ago for a new Texecom Premer elite so I can install some additional devices in the future I've installed the NEW controller, exterior siren and Remote keypad onto tested existing wiring, i've also installed two door contacts and two PIR's the issue I'm having once I powered it up and loaded the software as instructed, its saying there's system alerts then a rolling numbers of tamper faults from 001 through to 008, I've checked the obvious place for a fault on the exterior siren (for good measure I've adjusted the back plate screw and tamper screw on the internal cover all seem good), now because I've open the siren its showing exterior bell tamper that won't clear also the RKP says "call the engineer for a service" I can't find in the installation instructions how to reset these messages I've made sure the JP7 is on the centre and right pins all covers are on and I'm total baffled any help would be mightily appreciated Regards Lee
  6. Hi all thanks for letting me join the group, I'm an electrician from Manchester I dabble on the odd occasion with security alarms but only when the customer pesters me
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