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  1. Probably I need to do that. What do you think about the cost of something like this since I don't know about the alarms and this kind of stuff I don't want them to charge me a lot more than needed. Thanks for replying.
  2. Thanks for the advice. I think I will try and find an engineer before this happens again. I have to enter the code to stop it other wise it just never stops it is very noisy as well so I never actually waited a long time to see if it is actually stops itself.
  3. I recently moved to this house so I don’t know when it was last serviced I am guessing maybe 2-3 years ago. Can you explain me what is tamper fault ? If you are correct how this can be fixed ? Thank you for your reply.
  4. I have Scantronic 9930 home alarm it is keep going off today I use the password that works but 1-2 minutes later it just goes off and off again and again. This is the 6th time happened past 20 mins today. I dont understand what is wrong with it. Can someone help me before I lose my mind?
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