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  1. Cool, thanks. Shame - nice idea have a great weekend! Thanks! would be nice but I guess not now anyways
  2. Hello! Can anyone please tell me whether you can program the two functions of this sensor independently? e.g. can I setup so that a contact break trips the entry timer but the shock would trigger the alarm? Thanks!
  3. Thanks… the issue is needing remote control (via app) to alert the user if the alarm is sounding. Thanks also for pointing out the keypads have zones… difficulty is it’s only two, hence thinking about the expander.
  4. Given a single system with two areas, do you think an expander in the shed would be best?
  5. Thank you - you’re right but the customer says the shed is quite a long way from the house and anyways, they want to know if the alarm is sounding wherever they are… I can’t help thinking maybe your two system suggestion could be easiest but there would be some saving by creating two areas.
  6. P.S if I use a 2 area system in the garage, that would mean quite a few cables running to the shed e.g for keypad, PIRs and door contacts etc. Anyone think adding an expander in the shed is a good idea to simplify the wiring? Thanks!
  7. Yeah, OK - got it, thanks. Could swap main house for a 48 (currently a 24) to do 3 areas, or install new 24 in garage. TBH garage and shed have Ethernet, so connectivity no issue but two systems may seem a bit overkill - especially if app control is required. Not a bad shout though either… hmm Thanks - that’s not a bad idea either, if dearer… all buildings have power and Ethernet. Alarm cables will also be run from garage to shed… thinking maybe a new 24 system in garage hardwired with smartcom and 2 areas may be best compromise. interesting no one rates Hikvision.
  8. I guess I could also use an expander for the existing premier elite in the house but I think that’s complicated because there will be a significant proportion of the time the shed will need to be armed whilst the house and garage aren’t and also some time when the garage and house won’t but the shed will… seems simpler to have a dedicated system for shed and garage with areas?
  9. Thanks Six. I have no experience with wireless My plan was to hard wire PIR/bell etc. in the garage, then duct cables to the shed to hardwire PIR etc. there. The issue is that ideally the customer doesn't want to arm/disarm in the garage because it's inconvenient accessing a keypad past cars/gear etc. As you say, I could go wireless all round and use Ricochet for PIR's - is that any good? How often to batteries die? Local areas also good - thanks! Alternatively, I could just go all wired and use Smartcom for remote arm/disarm... Cheers. P.S Why avoid Hikvision - just the obvs. concerns over data privacy and China?
  10. Hello, I'd really value anyone's experience. I'm used to using and installing Texecom products - and have found them excellent. I have a new job where an alarm in required for a detached garage and also a separate shed. My immediate thought was to install a premier Elite with the part set function configured so the shed could be alarmed with the garage unarmed. The only drawback is that the controls would ideally be in the house, which would then require a wireless keypad (it's a detached garage). Adding a wireless keypad to a Texecom means buying the whole ricochet setup, which seems a bit much given everything else would be wired... (although I could use Smartcom and an app and just stick the keypad in the garage) which got me thinking, is wireless the way to do it anyway? The shed is about 30M from the garage, which I believe should be in the range of most systems. Then I wondered about Hikvision's AX Pro alarms - I install their CCTV but have no experience with the alarms. Are they any good compared to the Texecom? Can they be set to part-arm so that the shed could be armed but the garage unarmed without adding a second system? The client also has Hikvision CCTV and is looking at the gate entry system too, so it could all be controlled from a single panel, which would be neat and cameras could be added to the AX Pro but I'm just not sure if it's as good as the Texe? Any opinions much appreciated, thanks!
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