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  1. lets take a well know chi-knees brand that you cant escape. the processor is borderline falling over before it gets loaded up. they are total junk. anyone that wants to argue that, i will refer them to my opening post.
  2. dvr / nvr's aside, i could get a far better and clearer image from a 1/2" CCD with a decent lens than most IP cameras doing the rounds. and dont get me started on I.R Its not so much the technology itself im ranting at, but the **** that is flooding the market, its a race to the bottom of the barrel. So unless its Avigilon quality its landfill fodder. A.I in real life use does one thing. that is it cuts the search time looking for an incident. That and it saves on installing detectors and the associated cost in that. The only true useful advance is thermal is available to all and AI is only really accurate (for detection) when used with thermal. Backtrack--Ok, ANPR is good.
  3. Hello Peter, I had CCTV in mind in my rant. i dont do much intruder. I never knew you actually had to call into the local cop shop in person? You cant get a copper to attend to much these days, less the bells are going off at Greggs then its like a scene from Bodie and Doyle Wait I do have an intruder based rant to vent.. I had to explain to my tight fisted customers why Risco have started charging for the app like it was my fault.
  4. Starting soon. large install. looking for one or two very capable engineers. MUST HAVE good all round knowledge of Networking, Hik IP & Avigilon. Cambian & Siklu knowledge would be useful. Working away required. Working at extreme Heights so no room for anyone not comfortable with that. More details when you contact me.
  5. more years in this game than i care to remember. nothing is new, tech is going backwards, everyone is an expert.....i think im turning into Victor Meldrew.
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