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  1. Thank you very much for fast and valuable opinion, however I didnt mention that 3 of the detectors will be under wide penthouse which dont allow detectors to be hit with direct sunlight.I will see is there any distributor of Optex in Sofia/Plovdiv.I have thought also for GJD300 even their much more expensive than Paradox it is not a problem for this client , but I suppose that she won't like how they look like:)). She keep to look nice too.
  2. Hi everyone , to be honest I dont work in UK but I have sign in this forum , because in my country(Bulgaria) companies mainly use -2 brands - Paradox and Teletek, however now I am looking for some recomendations for outdoor sensors( the same will be use on teracce of the last floor apartment in city building).Do you know is this model of pyronix TMD15 (Pir/MW) could be used outdoor?Otherwise I probably will use Paradox Dg85, but he is only pir and in the hot summers( >40°C) it doesnt work so well.
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