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  1. It seems that the new battery hasn't solved the problem of it going off internally, any old time. Still using ####factory code to turn it off. When i do punch in the number, the internal alarm goes off, but the tamper light stays illuminated, after i have pressed "reset". It remains illuminated for about 5 minutes, the n goes out. if i want to stop it going off, until i get a new panel, is there a relatively easy way of disabling it? TIA
  2. Had an alarm system fitted years ago by an electrician friend. Everything was working fine for many years, until about 4 years ago. I got a phone call at work from my partner, saying the alarm was going off, and wouldn't stop. A spark on our job asked me what make it was. He then said to press #### as a default code. I phoned her back, she pressed ####, and it stopped, phew! I then became very ill a few days later, and have spent the last few years in and out of hospital. Anyway, i was told that the alarm was going off at random times of day (just internally). She was doing the #### and it sorted it. The alarm hasn't been getting used for four years. I bought a new battery, and put it in. How do i punch my original code into the alarm, now that #### has been getting used for ages (just to shut the thing up)? I tried original code earlier. Absolutely nothing happened. Do i have to press something to reboot the system? It is an old panel, with the rectangular keypad buttons, rather than round ones. Power is lit red. Day is lit green, but they keypad, which from memory used to light up green, doesnt seem to now.
  3. just intoducing myself. I'm Tony (steely Dan), from Merseyside. I'm a retired (due to illness) joiner/kitchen/bedroom, bathroom fitter. I am now rattling around the house, looking for projects to tackle (non joinery). I am, hopefully either going to repair my existing alarm panel, or be able to change it, with a little help from my friends? Then, i wouldnt mind adding another, to my brick shed, out in the back.
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