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  1. Yes it does feed the front door bell! No wonder no one has rung our bell recently! so, any thoughts on how I can isolate the alarm system? It would be great to have the downstairs lights back - and the door bell!
  2. Hi SWB, you are right - this is a picture of the control panel. So do you think I can safely isolate?
  3. Thanks everyone Looks like a new control panel is the way to go My wife doesn’t want anyone in the house until the pandemic is under control - say after we have received vaccines Unfortunately the alarm is on the same power circuit as some downstairs lights - is there anything we can do to disconnect the alarm, so we can turn the power off? With the power on / battery unplugged it seems to detect movement and beep accordingly in one of the zones thanks again!
  4. Unfortunately don’t you have to input the existing code to set a new one? My existing code uses some numbers in column 1....
  5. Logically I did think of that - but I was wondering if there was anything else I should do first before checking / replacing the keypad
  6. A couple of nights ago we had a brief powercut and the alarm went off - internal and external bell I couldn't enter the reset code, as the keypad was not working properly - only second 2 columns of numbers were working - other buttons were unresponsive i.e. not beeping when you press them I tried to reset the system a few times by turning off the power but the alarm kept ringing, and I was still unable to input the reset code into the keypad Finally, i had no choice but to turn off the power to the control panel and the alarm went off shortly thereafter There was now no pow
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