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  1. Many thanks for a prompt response. If there's any help for guides etc that would be appreciated. To be honest and up front, I'm not in the trade but competent enough to swap a battery and rewire terminals etc, working as a datacentre IT engineer.
  2. Hi, Looking for any quick support someone may wish to provide. Having just moved house it has a Pulsar 10 alarm system installed, please see picture URL below. The installation company has since dissolved (Companies House) and I'm really struggling to find any information about the unit. Who Manufactured it? Install Manual? User Manual? .... Anything! (Without sounding too desperate! https://share.icloud.com/photos/0Dx8xXqqnNlwRsdPHlJuoDt3w Again any support provided for this likely 10 to 15 year old unit would be gratefully received. Than
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