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  1. I had a reply form another forum which resolved my problem without having to change the sensors. I have attached a picture in the hope it might help someone else out. This configuration will not adhere to a graded alarm
  2. Thanks for your help everyone. As mentioned above its only one unit per zone and no way around it. Going to buy Impaq E as it’s the simplest solution. Cheers
  3. Thanks for your replies so far. I thought it was me missing something but looks like it could be a problem. Probably should check before buying! I will ring texecom tomorrow and let you know if there is a solution . FYI @sixwheeledbeastPicture attached of the new impaq terminal layout,.
  4. Old accenta panel with viper sensors which some were broken when windows were changed so decide to swap them all out. Didn't realise the new impaq only have EOL connections and not a pair for alarm and a pair for tamper. i would much rather fit my own resistors and the dip switches are tiny! So already purchased and fitted but showing Tamper faults. Yep might be the easier thing just to buy 9 new shocks if there is not a way round this
  5. Thanks. Yes agreed about more than one device buts its has been wired that way and running more cables is not an option although most of the devices are 2 on one large window so at least the zone can be pinpointed and isolated if necessary without affecting other rooms.. That s my fear that the texecom impaqs d not support this configuration and i cant seem to find anything online. Also looking at the wiring for the imapq it doesn't look like you can wire them as NC so I'm a bit stuck on a way round this. Any ideas? Thanks
  6. First post so hoping you can help out. I’m swapping out an old Honeywell alarm with an elite 24. The alarm has 9 shock sensors among other sensors. The shocks have been daisy chain wired in a group of 5 and a group of 4 using 6 core cable. My intention is to spilt the 5 into a group off 3 on one zone and 2 on the other and likewise for the group of 4. I have taken blue out of the zone terminal and connected to EOL carried the yellow through to the 2nd sensor and connected to EOL and then linked the remaining 2 EOL terminals See diagram. I have selected 4k7 on the first impaq for Alarm and 4K7
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