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  1. Issue solved. I'm still not entirely sure why the panel was unhappy but this sorted it out. I re entered 3 levels of pin (a user, a master and an engineer) while logged into system as that person. Bingo no more "additional code required" In case anyone comes across this problem this is what I think happened. I am not sure but I think I may have ended up having 2 users set as master. Both user 23 and user 2. I now have users 1 & 2 set as users L2, user 23 set as master and 24 set as engineer and all is well. Thank you all for trying to help yesterday, very much appre
  2. No latest firmware. I am taking with supplier and he is being very helpful and seems knowable. He has got me to re enter the user, master and engineer code and fingers crossed it seems to have worked. Just leaving it alone for a while now. I will keep you all update.
  3. Update that may help. I just tried my user code and got "additional code required" as usual when it's been left for a while. But last time I was in programming I added a # to beginning of default engineer code so it had access without L3 access from user. I can now gain acces when user code or manager code won't work with engineer code. Seems it must be a code problem but beyond me !
  4. No, no faults show. I enter code then press enter key.
  5. If I look at log once I'm back in it shows it was powered down and then that I logged back in. Was from eBay but a new boxed panel. Came with resistors etc and terminals had not been used.
  6. Hi. I realise before posting this question that I'm going to be accused of not being trained, or a professional and taking work from hard working alarm installers but here goes anyway. My story. I work from home on high value items so have a monitored police response alarm serviced by a local alarm company. (So I am supporting the industry) I wanted to alarm my detached garage some distance from the house so looked at DIY alarm kits. Seemed expensive for a very basic alarm. For less money I bought a honeywell g2 and mk7 keypad as this is a cutdown version of what I have in the m
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