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  1. In case anyone else runs into this. Disconnecting the network cable for a short while and reconnecting didn't work. Disconnecting the network cable for 30 minutes, then reconnecting did the job. Even with a different default gateway.
  2. I'll call the installer and post the results here if they figure out what causes this. Might be useful for others.
  3. I'll call the installer. From a network perspective, I'm still curious whether this is a known issue? Anyone knows what happens behind the scenes?
  4. Hi all, We replaced our current router with another one, kept the same IP address and now Risco Cloud can't connect anymore. I noticed there were two (old) similar threads here: All other network devices have no issues. I can ping the lightsys 2 on the network. It seems the lightsys 2 doesn't refresh its ARP cache or something, sticking to the MAC address of the old router. It's been a couple of hours now. I tried resetting the router and disconnecting the LAN cable for a short while but it doesn't make any difference. Anyone else ran into th
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