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  1. They only started flashing when i tested they were working the other day.
  2. I can remove the battery backup and turn the power off to the panel. You think that would reset them ??
  3. Small bit further help. After getting the PIR sensor installed and working. I decided to do a walk test and see if everything was fine and which zones were which. I believe these are shock sensors ? well i gave them a little nudge to see which zone they were in and now they flash red constantly. Anyone any ideas how to get them to stop flashing ??? I have set the alarm and unset it ive been into engineer mode and done a reset still they flash ALL NIGHT LONG !! Any further help would be appreciated......
  4. Thanks to all the replies. PIR now working perfectly few issues I forgot I set the alarm to all the defaults so not knowing the default pin was #### i triggered the tamper and couldn’t shut it down but got it all done in the end.
  5. You would be required to wear a Haz mat suit at all times and that was before COVID-19
  6. Iron brew for the hangover. But beer to cause that effect
  7. Thanks for the help. I owe you a few of these
  8. So don’t put any cables in the EOL screws ?
  9. On the new PIR it has two connectors for Alarm and tamper one each with EOL above them what colour in the EOL screw + Red - Black Alarm EOL ? Alarm ? Tamper ? Tamper EOL ? thanks for all the help and patience and yes the glass fuse is blown I will replace it
  10. The kitchen fitter is a friend of a friend so its down to me to pay for it all . The PIR cost £20 i could change it for something similar in spec ? the picture below is the alarm box i took the cover off it
  11. Lets pretend im stupid What colour wires go into the pyronix terminals ?? And since ive cut the old one off now the panel is saying AUX DC fail ?? Am i better getting a pro into look at it ?
  12. Hi all hoping someone on here can help and save me trying to get someone to fix this. We have had a new kitchen installed and the fitters cracked the sensor off the wall and ive got a new one can someone help me ?? which wires go where on the new one ? The sensor on the left is the old one and the sensor on the right is the new one Pyronix KX10DP. Do i need a different PIR sensor ??? Any help would be greatly appreciated Gavin
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