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  1. Any help would be greatly appreciated.Today I have replaced my old Lynteck bell box with the Pyronix Deltabell Plus G2. My alarm system is very old but I am sure they should be compatible.The wiring was as follows;Old Lynteck Bell BoxSTRTRG (believe this is trigger?)HOLD +HOLD -TAMP RNew Deltabell boxT - I wired the TAMP R To thisT - I introduced a wire from the 12v- to thisENG HOLD - Not using thisSTB - connected STR from old boxBELL - connected TRG12v+ - connected HOLD + 12v- - connected HOLD - (and additional wire to T)All was going well however, the panel showed a bell tamper. Having read lots of posts I saw that I should introduce a wire from the 12v - to the additional tamper T in the bell box, as above. This cleared the fault from the control panel. The sounder and everything seems to work okay as I have set the alarm and tested.The problem is that the bell box is constantly showing in alarm mod. The strobe is going off and the lights inside the casing are going off and on also so I think this is in alarm mode. The bell box should have 2 leds going on and off either side of the strobe in non alarm mode and at night the backlight to the box should be on.I am not sure what I have done wrong or if there is a setting on the Deltabell G2 module that I need to change or wiring needs to be different.Any help or advice would be very welcome.thanks Del
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