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  1. Well the Bentley F133 is all working again like it was in the 1990's. Transformer was never noisey and it's charging the new battery, same physical size but 2.8ah. Found a loose wire in the box when checking out the bell and now its got its ding-a-ling back........ jobs a good un. Thanks folks. Stay Alert ?
  2. Hi, From the panel schematic I am assuming I have a SCB in the bell box, is that correct, I've not been up to it yet either? The fuse F2 is good. The battery YUASA NP12.6-12 12v.2.6ah has expired as it only read 4.5v when I measured it, what would peeps replace it with? Even with a good 12v battery and powering pins 7&8 in the panel the bell does not ring so I suspect that it is buggered as well. I'll keep playing. Cheers ?
  3. Hadn't thought about that, Good call. Doubt if it will go ding-a-ling again.
  4. Unlike down the Lye it's Quarry Bonk not up the bonk, aer kid. ?
  5. Yes, that was my original thinking. When the weather settles down I'll get the ladders out and try and open it up. Cheers ?
  6. The Yale Yellow sounder box is metal and it's shape is a rectangular cuboid. I saw Fuse F2 on the schematic but have not opened the panel to check it yet. ?
  7. I found the instructions, that will help. ? (Unusable image removed to save server space)
  8. All understood, thanks. Will, check at the panel first. Cheers?
  9. I posted onan old thread on the F133 but have been asked to start a new thread, which I have but it may not be in the correct section. ?
  10. Hi, The management want me to start a new thread on this old system, but no help as to where to start it, so If in wrong place stick it where it should be. Question. System works as it did when I installed it around 1990 but the outside bell don't ring anymore. I could replace the whole lot but why? Before I have a look inside the bell box can anybody remember what was inside? I'll leave it there at the moment and see what developes. Cheers ?
  11. Thread resurrection. Just joined because I need some help with my F133. Questions to follow. ?
  12. Greetings and Stay Safe I joined to get info on our ancient Bentley F133 alarm system. ?
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