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  1. It's connected to the phone line and sends an SMS.
  2. I had considered that, other than not knowing if the alarm has been triggered, is there a technical reason not to do this? i.e.: will the alarm register a fault?
  3. It tells you the alarm has gone off and which part of the house.
  4. Hi, I have just moved out of house which had a pyronix enforcer alarm. I need to remove my mobile number from the system and replace it with the new tenant's number - I don't particularly want to know when they've set it off. I've looked through the manual and can't see any instructions for doing this. Can anyone advise? Many thanks.
  5. Hi, Just moved into a house with a Concept 6 alarm, the first night I set the alarm for the night, I discovered the internal sounder was cranked up to 11 and pretty much woke everyone in the house up. Next day I read the manual, opened the panel and turned the volume down to the minimum. It's much better now, but ideally it would not make any noise during the set, just a beep at the end to indicate that it did set correctly - this is what the alarm in my previous home did. Can anyone tell me If this possible on this alarm and how? Many thanks.
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