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  1. I'm sorry i'm not sure :s He didn't turn the mains power off though, but must have opened the CPU box, or would he have taken the fuse out which sits alongside the box? This set the alarm off, i put my code in, he took old batter out and new one in? Then did a walk test and checked all the sensors etc, mentioned how he had repacked a previous failed sensor a few years ago when the previous occupant was there. The reason i was asking about how long the alarm goes off for, was worse case scenario i set the alarm off and cannot turn it off, it doesn't just go off forever....!
  2. The engineer has been and it was the bloke who's been before and said we had been locked out because of the power cut. Already has his battery with him, went to the main box and asked me to put my code in when the alarm went off. Came back down walk tested all the sensors and that was it fixed. Said all our settings, code etc will be the same. So as people suggested it was the battery that needed replacing. In theory is this something i could do in the future as it was obviously my code and not the engineer code when he opened the box and the tamper switch went off? Battery needed is a rechargeable 12v battery in region of 1.2 to 6Ah. And even worse worse case scenario the alarm only goes off for 20mins on a Accenta 6? Thank you for all the help :)
  3. Urm yeah i would happily replace it with something newer, but after moving house don't have endless cash so probably something we'd do further down the line, will see what the engineer says on Thursday.
  4. Err its an alarm we have literally just inherited and my modern tech is provided by my job, so i didn't pay anything for that?
  5. Yeah none of those are on, just the buttons...IMG_7179.HEIC
  6. I'm all for getting a new system just have no idea how much these things cost, the Accenta 7 seems fairly old but apart from this its been fine. We have an engineer coming Thursday so will see what he says, just seems odd they serviced it in Feb and then a power cut has caused this issue. Also odd that the keypanel buttons are illuminated but none of the TA, PA, Day & Power ones below it are and also how me just putting the code in lots of times worked! Thank you all for your options
  7. We're having the company that fitted(i think)/serviced it come on Thursday. They apparently serviced it in February, but god knows if they replaced the battery or not! Would happily have a new alarm fitted but don't fancy the whole house being re-wired, the current wiring is fine its just obviously an older system.
  8. Currently the alarm isn't going off, i just want to get the lights back on the panel and back to the normal working condition. I'm just trying to determine how to deal with the various scenarios. Worse case being i turn off power the alarm goes on and i just cannot turn it off again. Plan is to turn power off, open CPU, put my code in the panel and hope the alarm goes off, i can then see the battery i need and replace. I'm just not 100% on what to do if my code doesn't work.
  9. Ah ok, that makes sense. So I turn power off, alarm goes off I put my code in and nothing happens, what would i do then? Will turning the power back on stop the alarm? Also how will the panel have power if the house power is off and the battery is the problem? Thank you for you help
  10. Just the manuals we have, so assume have no idea if an engineer code has been changed. The alarm did silence after the power cut with me putting my code in a few times, so could that be assumed there isn't an engineer code as i've changed that since we moved into the house. Can i ask how it works even though i've turned the power off to the house, what's powering it? Especially if it needs a new batter?
  11. Hi, thanks for your reply. I have the original instructions which mentions about an engineer code, or is this specific to the engineer who originally installed it? I don't think there is a key panel within the box from some initial interest research. Will removing the fuse act as turning power off to enable me to open the box without any danger? Surely if i just turn the power off to the house the alarm will go off?
  12. The other day we had a couple of quick power cuts in close to each other, annoying as they were only a couple of seconds each. We were out and the alarm was on, when arriving back home we found the alarm was going off. The panel had power to it as the keypad numbers were lit up but there were not lights below, the TA, PA, Day & Power ones they are not showing at all. I had no idea what to do and just put the code in various times and it eventually went off ( i dont know how many times or if this is even the correct thing to do ). The external strobe light is still flashing now but no alarm annoying everyone at least! I've done some basic research that means it could be the battery that needs replacing in the CPU box thats in the loft? Its the older one that doesn't have a keypad on that particular box. I should turn the power off and remove the cover and look at replacing the battery within it. When it says to turn the power off, is this just literally turning off the whole power to the house via the fuse/junction box in the garage, or can i get away with just removing the fuse thats along side the box in the loft? I replaced the batter in our old house alarm so am keen to give this a go but would like to do it without the alarm going off, i assume if i turn the power off to the whole house (or just remove the fuse) the alarm shouldn't sound? Also am i looking at replacing it with a battery like this on... Many thanks for any thoughts or opinions
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