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  1. Andrew L

    CSL Miniair

    Absolute legend. What a great and easy to understand diagram. I am also using a Com2400 for signalling, the arm part is still separate isn’t it? The site is a remote garage with barely any signal so was running back to the house to use WiFi calling and then back to try things, the last thing I was told by CSL was that it’s a (-) negative applied / removed, so then realised that I need a relay. Is there any particular one you would suggest using? This is the solution to SmartCom issues with the risk of power failure and / or the line being cut. Very neat little device. The only draw back Vs the SmartCom is there is an ongoing charge, but that’s an end user issue more than an installer one.
  2. Andrew L

    CSL Miniair

    Could you explain how you managed to get the remote arming / disarming to Work? There is only one leg out from the mini air and the texecom panels require a 2.2k or 4.7k (6.9k) circuit. I have wired the single leg into the right hand side of the zone and programmed as Normally open and Moment Key, but cannot seem to get it to work. pulling my hair out!

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