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  1. TBH I have never used a grade 3 contact which is probably why I don't understand the problem. I haven't worked full time in the trade for a few years now and the odd bit I do now is small domestics and the odd bit of maintenance to help a mate out. Are grade 3 a bit problematical? (is that a real word)? LOL
  2. Are these used to connect things like shunt locks in the same way as we would use a door loop?
  3. Must admit I'm not familiar with the problems that people seem to be experiencing with contacts but in my experience they are the most reliable for of protection there is. It is true that it is possible to get through a door without opening it but if it's a final exit door and the area is also covered with a PIR it's not a problem. I really don't get this "contacts have had their day" argument at all, what better way of protecting an opening door or window than a simple reliable non electronic detector? (backed up with trap protection/SID where needed)
  4. You have an LCD keypad, if you had an LED keypad it would't diplay "Keypad Tamper Check", the diplay is made up of 7 segment red LEDs on an LED keypad and it wouldn't actually show readable text. It definately sounds like a damaged cable between keypad and main control unit especially as it seems to play up when you walk around. The external sounder should have activated when you disabled the mains and diconnected the battery, sounds like your battery (in the external sounder) is shot and as others have said a service is well overdue. If you don't intend to use the system get it disconnected professionally, that way it won't cause any further problems but you can still get it re-instated at a later date if your needs change.
  5. I agree with redbull. The fact that the display is showing keyapd tamper and sometimes shows a 1 and sometimes a 4 coupled with the display breaking up suggests either a faulty keypad or a problem with the cable between the keypad and the main control unit. The 1 or 4 indicates which keypad is causing the problem but if you only have one kepad this is a data fault of some sort. (IMHO)
  6. Doing a like for like replacement is not notifiable under Part p.
  7. Possibly just a dodgy battery, how long has the system been installed and when was the battery last changed? Powering the system down mains and battery then powering it back up may resolve the problem but beware of mains voltages within the panel.
  8. Resetting the router won't always change the IP, I haven't got static IP (virgin) but it never seems to change.
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