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  1. mark8par

    Orisec Detector

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge
  2. mark8par

    Orisec Detector

    You seem pretty knowledgable can I ask a question or two? Limiting the cat is not an option, he would just scratch a doors lol. Would you then just fit a DT Sensor? Also we had a Scantronic Ion 40 alarm fitted previously and this has been changed over to the Orisec one. We kept the old wired PIR (scantronic) as we were told they would work fine but now we are finding they are sometimes not even picking up someone walking past. I know they are just a sensor and a sensor is a sensor but I cant understand why this would be apart from a compatibility issue (which should not really happen). M
  3. mark8par

    Orisec Detector

    Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately they do not make a Quad Pir which is pet friendly.
  4. mark8par

    Orisec Detector

    Hi, I am having my alarm system change and have a question regarding the detectors. It has been suggested to use a standard Orisec IR 200 PIR but they also sell a Digital Dual Tech Sensor (microwave/pir). The later is not much more money but I am told it is not really needed for a hallway. Is this information correct or would you spend the extra on the Dual Tech? Thanks

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