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  1. Thanks for the reply! ADT have included monitoring, maintenance, parts and labour for there monthly cost of £35.00 (GPRS System). They have said i own the kit after the 3 year contract. Smaller companies have mentioned about £20-35 but this is with a CSL dualcom system. They include a 2 years manufactures warranty, and two maintenance checks per anum and have put in writing if any equipment fails within 3 years they will replace it as they are confident with their work and equipment used. Insurance companies have stated ideally a minimum grade 2 system is required. My confusion just lies in what would be better and secure ADT with GPRS or Independent with CSL dualcom? Once again thanks everyone for the help
  2. Hi all, I have a few quotes and am struggling to choose. Help would be really appreciated: ADT £35/month for a visonic powermaster 30 and £780 installation cost. The signal they use they've mentioned is GPRS and it is not Dual com Other independent companies have quoted a slightly higher installation cost varying from £800-£1000 and £32/month for monitoring. With the use of CSL dual com What would you all advise the PM30 with GPRS or CSL Dual com. I do not really understand the differences and advantages/disadvantages of either. Thanks Is that not what most people do? (additionally insurance purposes)
  3. Thanks! From your experience if you dont mind me asking what are your views on ADT? Thanks again
  4. Hi, I would like to know if anyone has any alternatives to ADT for a police response / monitored burglar alarm. They have quotes quite a bit and then £35/month on top. Thanks
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